Flare Empowers Developers with Blockchain APIs on Google Cloud Marketplace


Flare’s API Portal has been integrated into Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows developers to easily access blockchain APIs and retrieve real-time status updates using Flare’s nodes and Connected Chain nodes. Flare’s technology enables a frictionless blockchain experience and is offering a new way for developers to engage with the blockchain industry. It provides developers with seamless access to decentralized data from multiple chains and the internet. 

With the recently announced integration, Google Cloud Marketplace now supports blockchain APIs from top players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Flare, as well as other major chains. This not only reduces the barriers to entry for Web3 participation but also allows for the creation of innovative cross-chain applications that require multiple data sources.

Technology Giants and Innovation working side by side

Google Cloud’s Head of Web3 Engineering, James Tromans, expressed excitement about supporting and promoting the ambitions of Web3 partners, while Flare’s State Connector protocols enable secure, scalable, and trustless utilization of information with smart contracts on Flare. “We’re excited to support and promote the ambitions of our Web3 partners in our ecosystem, with the integration of Flare’s high-performance APIs into our Marketplace,” says Tromans. 

Flare’s VP of Engineering, Josh Edwards, highlighted the significance of this development, stating that it reduces hardware costs and ongoing maintenance, allowing developers to focus on creating and shipping great products. Flare’s Layer 1 infrastructure, which is based on the EVM, provides decentralized access to trustworthy data, enhancing the usefulness of blockchain technology.

In a recent interview with Charlie Shrem, Flare Co-Founder Hugo Philion detailed a demonstration of Flare technology where an NFT could be purchased on one blockchain with another cryptocurrency. This interoperability is pushing the boundaries of how blockchains can interact with each other securely. 

The integration of Flare’s decentralized data access on Google Cloud Marketplace marks a major step forward in the utility of blockchain technology, unlocking new opportunities for developers and further potential for Web3 adoption.


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