The First State-Official Blockchain Event Kicks off in Malta

Delta Summit
Image credit: Delta Summit

Delta Summit in Malta

There has been much buzz generated over the last few months around Malta and its government, with the island’s favorable stance towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in general, attracting huge interest from the global crypto community. The Maltese Government has decided to host the world’s first state-official blockchain event, as it moves towards being the pioneer in the blockchain technology.

Among the attendance would be cryptocurrency enthusiasts, big venture capitalists as well as representatives from major cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. ODEM is one such project that is slated to make an appearance at the event, as evidenced by a tweet they put out on September 28th. With blockchain being such a nascent technology, blockchain events like these should only help make people more aware of the advantages and benefits of blockchain technology.

As mentioned before, the Delta summit is one of the biggest events of its kind, aimed at providing information and awareness about blockchain on a bigger stage. Government officials are expected to elaborate on the latest efforts behind making Malta the “blockchain capital” of the world.  According to Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri said, “Malta will be the epicentre of the blockchain industry. We invite you to experience this between the 3rd and 5th October at the Delta Summit, the Maltese government’s official blockchain event. Be part of the Blockchain Island,”

The event is also expected to highlight the recently published details of three new bills which have recently been passed by the Maltese Government. The three bills, namely, The Malta Digital Innovation Authority Bill, the Virtual Financial Asset Bill, and the Innovation Technological Services Arrangements Bill are yet to make it through the final stages of the legislative process before being fully implemented. Government officials are thus expected to offer some unambiguous views and elaborate on the state of the bills.

The event will also include a host of industry experts who will share insights into their respective projects. Figures such as Changpen Zhao from Binance co-founder of Wikipedia and the CIO of Everipedia Dr.Larry Sanger, Angel Labs founder Tugce Ergul are just some of the people slated to make an appearance.


The ODEM project will be just one of the several projects being featured at the event. It is designed to function as an on-demand education marketplace, running on the Ethereum blockchain. With an aim to connect students, educators and service providers in a comprehensive platform, it aims to develop as well as engage in different in-person educational programs.

The platform also focuses heavily on reducing costs as well as improving access to premium education, allowing educators to connect directly with students, eliminating intermediaries.  It uses AI to manage complex requests related to educational programs around the world.

With over 1500 guests slated to appear at the two-day summit along with over 4000 delegates and 150 sponsors, the Delta Summit seems to be one of the biggest blockchain focused events of the decade.  Thus, for projects like ODEM, the summit comes as an opportunity for people in the industry to share, discuss pertinent issues and solidify their professional networks. It also gives projects like ODEM, a platform for awareness. ODEM’s InterPlanetary Filing System is expected to make waves in the event, with ODEM’s Chief Technology Mentor Dr. Adel ElMessiry completing a deployment of smart contracts recently, at another live event in Lithuania.


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