First Ever Real Estate Blockchain Expo to Debut in Seoul

Grand Scale

In just a few weeks the world will have its first real estate focused blockchain expo. The Real Estate Blockchain Expo (RBE) 2018, being held at COEX Hall A in Seoul, S. Korea, alongside the Realty Expo Korea 2018. The events will highlight the potential for blockchain technology for use in the sector. It will introduce current players in real estate to this breakthrough technology. The expo is looking to provide an unprecedented look at how the technology can transcend its cryptocurrency-centric associations and integrate into the massive real estate industry. According to the organizers, the co-event will bring in developers from more than 25 countries. This unique combination of events will result in a truly memorable convention.

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Image credit: REB 2018

International Affair

The expo plans to bring together more than 50 companies, international governmental organizations, and various research institutions. They will showcase how blockchain is being or could integrate into the industry. The organizers of the expo want to cultivate the exhibition into the global hub to promote the marriage of one of the worlds most lucrative industries and one of the world’s most promising and exciting emerging technologies.

Over the course of the three-day expo (September 19 – 21), the conference will host a variety of speakers from across the spectrum of the real estate and blockchain industries. The high profile speakers range from the areas of media, blockchain, and real estate, with people like Roger Ver, CEO of, Paul Kim, CEO of Dreamchain, and Terry Blackburn, Managing Director, Asia Property Awards at PropertyGuru. To that end, topics will cover diverse issues such as the current regulatory climate, smart cities, and investment, among others. Also, the event will also facilitate unique networking opportunities to help build bridges between these distinctive industries.

Those looking to participate can visit the event’s website to register.

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