Fathom Yacht Club: The Project Bringing Yacht Clubs Into the 21st Century


Yachts have been a symbol of luxury and wealth all across the world, with the mention of them often bringing a stereotypical image into mind. Having started as fast military vessels used to hunt pirates back in the day, yachts have come a long way from their “humble” beginnings. However, the notion of a yacht club has grown to be stale. Fathom Yacht Club is looking to bring this old-school concept into a globalized and modern one.

Founded by BIPOC female entrepreneur Jessica Hunt and her husband, Jonathan Sands, Fathom Yacht Club is creating an NFT-based global community of like-minded yacht enthusiasts looking to gain access to exclusive events and vessels. With the yacht market being expected to grow at over 4.5% CAGR between 2021 and 2027, the time seems right for such a community to 

With vast experience in the hospitality, marketing, Web3, and software development industry, Jessica is uniquely qualified to lead the project. Her husband, a marine surveyor with a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, is also bringing years of experience as the project’s co-founder. 

“To me, what’s exciting is that I personally love boating – my husband and I charter boats often. I love the tech that’s behind it,” says Jessica about their latest venture.

The original idea behind the project was the merging of a utility-backed NFT community and a booking app as a means to globalize yachting, but the idea quickly evolved into what is now. By making part of the community via a three-tiered membership, members will be able to access bigger boats and perks, as well as join different experiences all across the world.

With no initiation or annual fees, memberships range between $5,000 and $15,000, which makes it extremely competitive when compared to traditional clubs. In addition to this, the membership can be leasable and sellable, which also makes it more convenient and flexible.

While the project is being developed in Miami, where both founders are located, its benefits will be accessible to people all around the world. This is possible due to its decentralized nature, its yachts being available in multiple locations like Miami, New York, Ibiza, Southern California, Bahamas, and other locations. Events will be taking place in this location and all around the world, allowing any member to join and interact with the community.

“It’s old school. We’re global now, so why not build something global,” Says Jessica when referring to the geographical restraints that come with traditional yacht clubs.

Some of the vessels that the founders anticipate adding to its fleet in the future include the Aquila 36, Fjord Express 38, Sea Ray SLX 400, Galeon 470 Sky, Aquila 54, Galeon 550, Sunreef 68 Supreme, and the Azimut 68 Fly. Fathom Yacht Club also says it is paying special attention to handpicking some of the industry’s best captains and crew members to ensure the best experience for its members.

With NFTs having already democratized the world of art after the NFT boom of 2021, it was just a matter of time until other industries followed. By making the yacht experience available to people all around the world while also providing them with additional benefits and participation, Fathom Yacht Club is reimagining what the modern social yacht club looks like


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