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Facebook has just rebranded from Facebook to Meta, a rebrand that comes with a statement that aims to position the metaverse into the epicentre of the future of the internet. The metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact within a computer-generated environment. It is becoming a popular phenomenon amongst not only crypto enthusiasts and gamers but also everyone else in the world. 

People interact online, go to work online, and do all of their everyday tasks online. The pandemic has only fast-forwarded the shift of the world to a metaverse. The existing metaverse apps might not be 3D yet, there are projects such as ShoeFy that aim to bridge this gap. 

Pioneers in Digital Fashion for the Metaverse

ShoeFy, a metaverse company, has the vision of creating an ecosystem that spans across the areas of digital fashion NFTs to play-to-earn games, where users can compete to win limited NFTs or SHOE tokens. ShoeFy is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to it being a metaverse company, keeping its finger on the pulse with the incoming innovation and thus creating a product fit for the demands of a metaverse, DeFi and NFT fashion. 

ShoeFy’s Roadmap 

The ShoeFy team is continuously working on the progress of the roadmap and are currently  in the stage of finalising the development of the platform. Soon, they will proceed to stress test the platform on Rinkeby and sample sNFT minting to ensure that all the functions of the platform are ready for deployment. ShoeFy is working towards releasing the platform by the second week of November, simultaneously with the minting of genesis sNFT’s allowing users to stake their newly minted sNFTs for a high promotional APY. Users can stake $SHOE tokens on the native ShoeFy Platform into three ultra-high APY pools, ranging from 500% with a 90-day lockup, to lower APY with shorter lockups. 

In parallel to the current development, ShoeFy is gearing up to dive into the deep digital world of the metaverse called the Shoeverse. The ShoeVerse will have exciting activities including, shoe contests, shoe battles, and shoe fashion shows and also a shoeverse play-to-earn game. The Shoeverse will be later on, integrated with other metaverse and gaming platforms which the team is currently in talks with. ShoeFy will become a digital shoe brand in the digital world. ShoeFy looks forward to opening both showrooms and stores in the digital world. ShoeFy shoes will be made wearable for the Avatars in the metaverse. This is a long term vision which the team commits to deliver moving together with the latest trend. 

ShoeFy is backed by big names like DuckDao, MoonWhale, ExNetwork, AU21, Basics Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors and more. ShoeFy carried out its IDO across 7 different reputable launchpads where some of them sold out within seconds. After a week-long sold-out IDOs from 11th – 14th Oct, ShoeFy had a successful launch on Gate.io and Uniswap on 19th Oct 2021. At the time of writing the article, ShoeFy is amongst the top gainers of metaverse projects on coingecko with over +50 % up in the last 24 hours.

“The transition of Facebook to become a mataverse company is a significant step towards the future of how we all interact on the internet. We already live in a 2D metaverse, we interact with our colleagues via Slack, Telegram, with our friends on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. 

We see the trend of brands and large companies moving to NFT technology and blockchain since it provides a trusted and verifiable solution for any kind of business. 

As the CMO of ShoeFy, a digital fashion brand which brings DeFi level utility to NFTs I view this as a very positive catalyst for future development of the industry.” – Michal, CMO of ShoeFy.

To stay up to date with the journey of ShoeFy becoming a leading digital fashion brand in the metaverse and follow their social media outlets.


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