ETHDenver, the world’s largest Web3 festival takes place from Feb 11 – 20


If blockchain technology plans to advance into mainstream adoption than educational opportunities where developers and project leaders come together to learn about the latest Web3 technologies is a crucial component. Taking place from Feb. 11 to 20, the event will bring together around 8,000 people in person and over 30,000 virtual attendees, along with the brightest minds in blockchain innovation. 

The organisers want this event to act as an incubator and launchpad for blockchain developers and communities to create year-round support for projects. 

What is ETHDenver?

ETHDenver is a free festival that has built a reputation as one of the key dates in the diary for developers, founders and creators in the world of Web3. Colorado Governor Jared Polis, South African entrepreneur and Colorado resident Kimbal Musk, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin have confirmed that they will be attending this year’s festival. 2022 has been pinpointed as the year when Web3 applications will go mainstream with adoption of some of the most innovative applications in the ecosystem. 

The week long festival will focus on Layer 1 blockchains, Web3 applications and the future of blockchain technology. It will include a range of educational opportunities as well as fun social events. These include hundreds of talks, expert panels, technical workshops, immersive experiences, art galleries, live music, hackerspaces, networking events, complimentary childcare and more. 

Who attends ETH Denver?

Developers, project leaders and teams from a wide spectrum of blockchains attend ETHDenver to learn about the latest blockchain technology trends and innovations. 

Why do they attend

All participants have the opportunity to meet with, hear from and learn from some of the top blockchain projects in the ecosystem. As attendees are encouraged to participate, there is a large developer contingent present at this festival but it is open to anybody interested in learning about the projects, technology and applications of blockchain technology. Over the course of the week there are many opportunities for teams and individuals to get hands-on, practical experience working with applications and advanced tools. The event has been referred to as a hackathon due to the participatory elements of the sessions. 

Gregory Zaitsev, CTO of Unique Network believes that all projects need to be communicating their tools effectively to the public to generate awareness and encourage more adoption in the long term, “We need to talk about new technology so that people know about it and start using it”.

Past ETH Denver attendees have taken their prototypes and turned them into actualized projects and products. This year will see workshops on Wallets, DeFi products and NFT marketplaces that can be developed further and customized after the festival.  

What is happening?

Workshops, keynote talks, after parties and breakfast briefings and open panel discussions are on offer to attendees over the course of the week-long festival. Keeping things fresh and fun there are some entertaining events taking place throughout the week. Attendees can Party with Polkadot, enjoy a DeFi Valentine’s party, head over to a Full Moon Party at the Algo Ranch and sip cocktails at one of the many happy hours.

Popular sessions for developers include: 

Feb 15th Getting Started in Web3: How to Build DApps for Mainstream Adoption

Presented by Sean Li, CEO of Magic), Maricris Bonzo (DA) and Hunter Cote (CSE)

This event is for developers who want to build DApps that provide a seamless and delightful onboarding experience for mainstream users. 

Feb 15th Build an NFT marketplace in 1 hour

Presented by Gregory Zaitsev, CTO Unique Network

At this practical session developers will have an opportunity to learn how to create a fully functional NFT marketplace and collection in an hour. 

Feb 15th The Web3 Infrastructure beyond Smart Contract

Presented by Phala Network

Participants will learn about the trustless computing services with thousands of nodes and discover the Fat Contracts that intend to serve compute-intensive and low-latency applications which have never been executed on-chain. 

Feb 17th Build a DAO: Cross Chain governance with Tally and Optimism

Presented by Tarrenceva of Tally and DopeWars

If you are looking to learn about DAO’s and how to create and deploy your own then this workshop will provide you with the greatest insights in the world of DAOs.

Feb 17th How to Build for iOS Mobile Wallets

Presented by Balance 

A discussion and brainstorm around the Future of building DApp standards for mobile, wallet standards and decentralization. 

Feb 15h BUIDL on decentralised Handshake domain names

Presented by Namebase

In this event, participants will be gifted a free Handshake domain and then taught how to build a fully decentralized website.

Feb 19th NEAR NFTs workshop in Rust

Presented by Benjamin Kurrek

Learn about creating NFTs in Rust using the NEAR ecosystem, a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain.

Evolving beyond just being a once-a-year event, ETHDenver will function as an incubator and launchpad to create year-round support for early-stage blockchain projects by tethering them back to state infrastructure.


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