Elevated Returns Acquires Prominent Thai Broker Dealer

Bangkok skyline
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Elevated Returns

Elevated Returns has acquired a prominent Thai broker dealer, signaling the company’s expansion into the region of Southeast Asia. This should serve to spur the distribution of Elevated Returns’ real estate tokenization methodology.

Elevated Returns is an asset management company that recently launched its first tokenization offering for trophy assets with St. Regis Aspen’s digital offering. The company just announced that the project will be expanding into Southeast Asia via the acquisition of a 33 percent stake in Seamico Securities. This public company is found on the Thai Stock Exchange.

Seamico Securities

Seamico Securities has its headquarters in Bangkok and was founded in 1974. This company acts as a securities brokerage and provides trading of derivatives and securities, an investment advisory service, online securities trading, securities underwriting, and borrowing and lending of securities.

Seamico Securities is uniquely positioned within the South Asian capital markets. The company uses a full array of securities licenses that will make it possible for Elevated Returns to experience exponential growth in the next few months.

Additionally, Seamico Securities is an early adopter of digital currencies and has a strong track record to match its reputation within Southeast Asia. As such, Seamico Securities is the ideal broker for Elevated Returns to work with to achieve its vision of the new-world investment methods supporting the access of investors to the established asset classes.

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The Thai government has been receptive to cryptocurrencies. Image credit: By Sodacan. – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50076594

The acquisition and the importance of Thailand

To acquire the 33 percent stake in Seamico Securities, Elevated Returns will inject $25 million USD of fresh capital into the company. The proceeds will go toward creating technology that facilitates crypto security token exchanges, general working capital, and seeding crypto-centric investment funds.

Southeast Asia has shown itself to be a key player in cryptocurrencies, and Thailand has been a leader for creating sensible regulations on crypto assets. In fact, the Thai SEC is looking into applications that will let it issue the first crypto licenses. It also recently gave approval to seven businesses to conduct crypto operations within the country’s domestic market. Thailand is also a leader in transforming capital markets via the use of blockchain technology.

What Elevated Returns has to say

According to Elevated Returns’ founder and president, Stephane De Baets, the acquisition of Seamico Securities is an important step for Elevated Returns, as it lets the company rapidly create distribution and origination for security tokens in Southeast Asia. De Baets recognizes this region as an area ahead of the curve in relation to digital currencies, making the expansion crucial.

De Baets says that Elevated Returns has created its vision as well as the model for tokenizing various real estate assets in a way that is compliant and scalable. Purchasing an entity that is regulated and has deep distribution networks should have an immediate impact on the company and its offerings, as well as a long-term impact.

De Baets concluded by pointing out that this acquisition will connect the East and West, bringing together two of the world’s most important marketplaces. He also sees this acquisition as an example of connecting old and new world financial services and products, so investors can experience enhanced transparency and access.


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