Earn Guild’s public sale coming to PancakeSwap


London, England, 21st February, 2022, Chainwire

Earn Guild, a next-gen guild system for play-to-earn gaming, will be conducting its public sale tomorrow, February 22, at 2:00 pm UTC on the PancakeSwap exchange. 

Shortly after the Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO), the $EARN token will be listed on three major exchanges. The project has successfully closed its early sales rounds, with a total investment of $8.1 million, and is firmly backed by a long list of renowned partners and venture capital (VC) firms. 

However, the token sale still presents an excellent opportunity for Earn Guild to expand and further its exposure, as PancakeSwap is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) of the popular Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem.

What is Earn Guild? 

Designed for the play-to-earn market, Earn Guild offers all the tools needed to transform gaming into more than just a hobby. Through Earn Guild, players will have a fair chance to participate in most play-to-earn games and efficiently maximize their income potential. 

Earn Guild has its own non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, where players can acquire or rent NFTs from multiple different play-to-earn games. Not only does renting provide returns for NFT owners, but it breaks down the barriers of entry for play-to-earn games. Through NFT renting, players can gain access to games despite not having the required initial capital to join by themselves.

The platform also offers a community-oriented coaching system. The most experienced gamers within Earn Guild will leverage their knowledge and skills, coaching other players for a fee. This provides the most rapid ascension for newcomers and intermediate players looking to take their skills to the next level. 

Other tools include the Earn Guild exchange, where a great variety of play-to-earn tokens will be listed and available for trading and staking. A simple yet innovative mechanism will allow anyone to convert these gaming tokens into $EARN.

$EARN token – liquidity and use cases

All transactions within Earn Guild, together with every facet of the generous reward system, are powered by the $EARN token. This means that access to the NFT marketplace, coaching, and other services is exclusive to $EARN token holders. 

Beyond its utility, $EARN is also the governance token of the Earn Guild protocol. Holders will gain the right to vote on proposals and effectively decide the platform’s future. Investors can also expect $EARN to have substantial liquidity from the get-go.

Thanks to its built-in fiat gateway and MasterCard, $EARN token holders will be able to easily convert their tokens into traditional currencies, such as the Euro, US Dollar, and several others. It will also be possible to convert $EARN into other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, or simply spend it through the Mastercard-powered Guild Earn payment card.

Additional features like the credit score will allow players to borrow and finance real-life expenses or in-game investments. Based on the players’ earnings and the fulfillment of previous payment obligations, the credit score system is provided by the acclaimed LedgerScore

About Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a play-to-earn guild. Play-to-earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players earn crypto tokens when they win. Earn Guild supports players of play-to-earn games so that they can earn more.

Earn Guild provides: marketplace for the sale and rental of play-to-earn NFTs; coaching for new players; exchange for games tokens; fiat gateways, with an Earn Guild Mastercard; and credit scores for players.
Join the enthusiastic Earn Guild community and follow them on Discord, Medium, Telegram, and Twitter.  


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