Dynamic NFT Ticketing to improve the future of events


A new partnership between Lemonade Social and Unique network will focus on enhancing the event experience with dynamic NFT ticketing. Lemonade Social is a multichain platform that empowers creators to build Web3 communities with ticketing and real-life utility. Unique Network is a leading sustainable and advanced blockchain protocol in the Polkadot ecosystem.

The two projects are working together to provide creators, event managers, and developers access to utility-packed Web technologies. These advanced ticketing tools will provide improved event experiences on and off the blockchain.  

Developing advanced tools to improve ticketing

Unique will work with Lemonade to help the web3 platform improve its presence in the Polkadot ecosystem and utilize its advanced tools to strengthen the NFT’s people mint on its platform. As Unique Network explores new use cases for using NFT’s, Lemonade will activate its own technology to build assets on Unique Network. 

Alex Mitrovitch, CEO of Unique Network says: “Given this partnership,we aim to create enhanced event experiences at scale delivered via virtual tickets, issued on our blockchain. . Bundling of event coupons, sustainable POAPs, and even exploring the power of fractionalization to connect vast communities to events through non fungible tokens are just a few of the potentials of how Unique and Lemonade can maximize the potential of web3 ticketing.”

This partnership will improve event experiences. In traditional events, managed by centralized platforms, the platforms have a disproportionate hold over user data, access, and how people engage with and enjoy events. By utilizing the power of blockchain and NFT’s, Unique and Lemonade can help provide ownership and improve experiences for the people that own tickets. 

“In the future, as we continue building this partnership with Lemonade, we will hope that even more platforms that want to create innovative virtual ticketing solutions will choose to do so with Unique Network,” says Mitrovitch.

The merge of physical and virtual events

Lemonade Social is primarily focused on event, ticketing, and entertainment, where it leverages blockchain technology to blur the lines between in-person and virtual experiences, enabling customers to access Web3 utility while attending an event and providing a platform to reward event organizers and artists. 

Kritarth Chhabra, Co-founder & CEO of Lemonade says: “Our partnership with Unique Network builds on Lemonade’s core values of inclusivity and sustainability in web3. Creators and brands on Lemonade will now be able to leverage Unique’s scalable, green blockchain focused on the democratization of premium NFTs while leveraging Lemonade’s friction-free user experience to onboard and reward communities. We are excited to be building the tools and infrastructure with Unique to empower creators and help onboard the next billion users in web3.”

Both projects are focused on providing the best NFT solutions for the events industry. With dynamic NFT ticketing solutions, event organizers and attendees can enjoy increased ownership and build an NFT community.



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