Dual-Chain NFT Game Monsterra Set to Launch NFT Treasury Box Sale

Monsterra, an NFT game that combines farming, property building and battling, has released details of its upcoming Treasury Box sale. On Monday, February 7, some 20,000 Treasury Boxes will be made available on the Binance NFT Marketplace, giving players the opportunity to acquire non-fungible tokens representing both land plots and ‘Soulcore.’

For those unfamiliar with Monsterra’s ecosystem, Soulcore is the coveted commodity needed to incubate magical creatures known as Mongen, the main playable characters within the game. There are five rarity levels of Soulcore, from Common to Legendary, just as there are five races of Mongens.

In this Monsterra Treasury Box campaign, individual members across all gaming communities can purchase a maximum of 50 boxes, with each one priced at 15 BUSD. The sale will commence at 11am UTC and continue for 12 hours, with the secondary market facilitating trade thereafter. The release of special NFT boxes has become something of a trend in the GameFi sector, with buyers only too keen to pay a fixed price for a mystery digital item – typically virtual land, equipment, clothing or weapons.

Monsterra’s Mammoth Fire Sale

According to Mr. Victor Thang, the Project Owner of the Monsterra game, the Treasury Box fire sale represents a gilt-edged opportunity for the game’s user base. The primary benefits cited by Thang are:

  • Boxes represent the only opportunity for gamers to acquire high-rarity NFTs at a low cost; these desirable items can subsequently be sold for a healthy profit or used to advance within the game itself
  • Land plots and Soulcore enable players to gain prime mover status, achieving a head-start on other participants when Monsterra launches later this year

While the stats of items within each box will vary, all NFTs can be put to good use in Monsterra or sold/swapped with others on the open market.

Of the 20,000 NFTs, 11,219 will be land plots and the remaining 8,781 Soulcores. Players can leverage land plots to build kingdoms, raise Mongens and earn rewards, while Soulcores will soon hatch into the colourful critters themselves. The full details of the sale are as follows:

Open Date: February 7, 11am UTC

Venue: Binance NFT Marketplace

Total Treasury Boxes: 20,000

Price per box: 15 BUSD

Purchase limit: 50 boxes per person

Sale Duration: 12 hours

Secondary Market Open Time: 12 hours after primary sale starts

Preparing for Liftoff

The Treasury Box sale is merely the latest pit-stop in what’s shaping up to a major year of milestones for the project. Just days after the boxes go on sale, the game’s own internal marketplace will go live and an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) event is scheduled to follow in March.

The project’s roadmap, meanwhile, suggests that gaming guilds will be gradually brought into the ecosystem and new game modes (Clan Wars, PvP team battles) introduced.

Monsterra’s brain trust is made up of gaming, software and blockchain veterans, and the project has already won funding from several well-established venture capital firms. The upcoming Treasury Box collection is an opportunity for avid gamers to board the bandwagon ahead of the game’s launch, with anticipation expected to rise as February 7 draws near.

About Monsterra the Game

Deployed on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Terra, Monsterra is a GameFi release that offers free-to-play and free-to-earn models, enabling gamers to generate profit without committing to an initial outlay. In common with its stylistic progenitor Axie Infinity, Monsterra sees players compete to breed their own collectible NFT creatures which evolve and acquire value according to players’ progress.

Monsterra has a dual-token model, comprising MSTR and MAG, both of which recently underwent a smart contract audit by leading blockchain security specialist Certik. While MSTR acts as the game’s primary currency – used variously to access products and services, upgrade items, participate in staking pools and events, and wield a vote on Monsterra’s governance council – the MAG token can be earned (minted) by completing quests and spent (burned) through multiple in-game activities.

Through activities such as hatching, breeding, battling, farming and property-building, metaverse enthusiasts can get to grips with everything the title has to offer when it launches on desktop and mobile later in 2022.

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