“Dissolve” NFT Collection: Grey Leifer’s Push for LGBT+ Representation in Blockchain


June is already over and with it, rainbows are starting to fade in the digital and physical world to show that pride month is over. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision of companies around the world to dress in the colors of the LGBT collective, one thing can’t be denied: Pride month fulfills its role. However, people like Grey Leifer are working to take Pride beyond June and make it a part of everyday life starting with clothing and now, their “Dissolve” NFT collection.

Ever since the first NFT was created by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash to democratize art, developers and artists have been finding new use cases for them. From selling real estate to replacing wedding rings, NFTs have changed the world forever. No matter the use an NFT is given, there is something special about transcending the physical realm and breaking paradigms.

Grey Leifer (he, she, they), is no stranger to breaking paradigms and taking risks as an unapologetically trans masculine nonbinary startup founder. They have not only become one of the loudest voices in the LGBTQ+ community but their work has also inspired thousands to reconsider their understanding of gender. Their startup, Play Out Apparel, did just that by offering underwear and streetwear that doesn’t conform to traditional gender expectations, opting instead to offer gender-equal styles.

As the former Director of Creative Production at Intermix and former Product Styling Manager (Luxury) at Net-a-Porter, Leifer has years of experience in the design industry. Now, they are putting that experience to work as Chief Design Officer at Play Out Apparel by designing and curating its collections. For each of them, they create canvas paintings that are then used to create limited-edition prints. 

Having already succeeded at making the startup they co-founded one of the most important names in the LGBT community and the clothing industry, Leifer is taking on a new challenge: making it in the NFT space. Leifer dropped their “Dissolvecollection back on June 17, which is composed of abstract animations with an original soundscape.

As their debut in the world of NFTs, Leifer is hoping that their approach will not only be a means to share their art with the world but also help the LGBT community. For this reason, 5% of net proceeds will be donated to QueerCare, an organization helping queer individuals who face community hardships. The mission of the organization is consistent with the inspiration behind “Dissolve”. In the words of Leifer:

“Each piece is an [study] of emotional resolve, a commentary on internal ebb and flow. These are universal experiences for people who walk through society ‘othered.’”

12% of all Millenials identify as transgender o gender non-conforming in the United States according to GLAAD, while 50% of GenZers find traditional gender roles outdated according to Bigeye. With society continuing to move toward a future where gender doesn’t define you, projects like Leifer’s “Dissolve” will become increasingly relevant… especially as a record of a community’s push toward a more equal world.


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