Post-Irony and Pixel Art: Degen’s Farm is Merging DeFi Culture and NFTs


The NFT playground has been growing at a tremendous rate lately. But there are still very few projects in the space that can be called true art with a solid concept, and newly built NFT universe Degen’s Farm wants to be one of those. This is a game made to farm rare NFT pixel art creatures, but that’s not all. Being described as a modern fairytale about DeFi and the rise of decentralization, this game represents the first experiment in dynamic NFT distribution tightly connected with decentralized finance culture. 

Why exploring new horizons is like a fresh breeze for a stormy market

Degen’s Farm creates this gaming and art universe using the Ethereum blockchain, where you can purchase the bags, get basic NFT creatures, and farm unique ones afterwards.

It is essentially dynamic art. Farmers can buy $BAGZ (a closed bag, “pig in the poke”) and there will be some basic NFT creature (normie) or land parcel inside. During the initial distribution, 4,500 $BAGZ (ERC20) are going to be offered for 0.1 ETH per 1 $BAGZ that allows revealing one 1 NFT collectible. Inside there’s either a unique normie creature NFT (ERC721) or land (ERC721), and these are randomly distributed during the actual reveal process. The second token of the platform ecosystem is $DUNG, which is used to obtain farming tools to get you closer to your degen.

Dung is basically the project’s currency. You can farm with dung more effectively and also, as the creators hint, the dung economy is basically a reflection of the U.S. dollar economy. That is one of the many ironic postmodern art concepts of Degen’s Farm. 

This week the bag sale is going live, and next week the bags will reveal the lands and creatures they have contained. From it Degen’s farm players can farm new ultra rare species. There are 2,000 different normies (basic NFT creatures in the Degen’s farm) waiting to give birth to 400 chads and then finally chads are about to breed 20 rare degens (the rarest and prestigious creature like a Unicorn). Each creature will not only delight its owner, but also accumulate network fees (and they all have their own music sounds). 

To continue postmodern art concepts, developers made the CEO of the project a cute ChiChi chick. This project could easily become iconic, because it’s a snapshot of the current DeFi landscape and modern crypto culture driven by digital farming.

Degen’s Farm is a unique attempt to combine NFT art, creation, gaming, DeFi, and cryptocurrency all while earning money into one platform. Pixel art lovers and creators will certainly be the first active farmers. As Degen’s Farm developers say, ChiChi’s ambitions are big and primed to become the next cultural phenomenon in the NFT space.


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