Dash Partners with CoinCards.ca, Allowing Easy Purchase of Gift Cards

A wall of gift cards.
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Gift Cards Galore

In a press release obtained by BlockTelegraph, Dash has announced integration with Canadian retail gift card company CoinCards.ca. This new partnership works well for both companies; Dash is a leading digital currency used for e-commerce and payments, while CoinCards.ca is among the few gift card companies that specialize in accepting cryptocurrency payments. Customers will now be able to use Dash to buy gift cards for more than 300 of their favorite retailers and brands.

Just some of the retailers and brands CoinCards.ca (a subsidiary of Stuff Technologies Inc.) sells gift cards for are Home Depot, Netflix, Walmart, and Amazon. Dash and CoinCards.ca hope that the integration of Dash into the platform will encourage more vendors, both in Canada and worldwide, to accept crypto for payments.

A wall of gift cards.
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Image Credit: Aranami via flickr

As the leading Canadian exchange platform for converting crypto to gift cards, CoinCards.ca will now offer users the ability to buy their gift cards in Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. The platform also allows for use of Shapeshift, so users can pay with other coins via that exchange.

While waiting for crypto to be more readily accepted among vendors, those with Dash can use CoinCards.ca to buy gift cards for those retailers; gaming platforms, like Steam, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation; and entertainment, like the Apple Store and Google Play Store, are just a few examples. A full list can be found here.

An Easier Time for Consumers

CoinCards.ca aims to create a simple user experience that lets customers buy gift cards to the retailer of their choice using Dash and the other supported cryptocurrencies. Mike Olthoff, CEO and Founder of Stuff Technologies Inc., said, “We know that first approaching cryptocurrency can be a little daunting to people, so CoinCards.ca is providing full 24/7 online support. Our team is comprised of full-time crypto specialists with a background in e-commerce that can assist in walking customers through the process of buying a gift card with Dash.” CoinCards.ca been perfecting this model since 2014, serving thousands of Canadians. The addition of Dash to its crypto support should help expand the website’s reach.

Bradley Zastrow, the global head of business development for Dash Core, hopes that this integration is just one step in the road toward wider adoption of crypto as a payment method in mainstream stores. With the integration of Dash into CoinCards.ca, crypto becomes more accessible and usable for people worldwide.

Olthoff said that his company has always felt impressed with Dash and its drive toward achieving mass adoption of cryptocurrency. He explained that as soon as Stuff Technologies’ payment processor supported Digital Cash, the company decided to make Dash one of its direct payment methods. Olthoff said Stuff Technologies looks forward to the new integration and what it means for everyone involved, both at CoinCards.ca and at Dash.


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