Dash and Kripto Launching New Cryptocurrency Ecosystem in Latin America

Kripto launching in Venezuela
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Dash and Kripto Join Forces

Dash has risen the ranks in the digital currency business as an alternative to Bitcoin, giving customers access to local payments and online shopping. Users of the crypto in Latin America find that it’s more convenient, safer, and less expensive for merchants and customers than other payment options. Making themselves even more accessible, Dash announced a new phone partnership with Kripto Mobile Corporation in a press release obtained by BlockTelegraph. Going by the name KRIP, this mobile device will completely incorporate Dash.

Dash and Kripto Mobile met in Venezuela at the Dash Caracas conference on August 25 to announce the live launch of KRIP smartphones. Bradley Zastrow, Dash Core Group’s head of business development, led the news conference and announced that more than 800 merchants accept Dash in Caracas. It has a healthy ecosystem that allows customers flexibility with their payments.

Kripto launch
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KRIP comes installed with the Dash digital wallet, which gives users access to InstantSend technology to pay for goods and services. Customers can use this to pay at any Dash-accepted merchant, including both local and internationally known brands. This provides a safer way to pay for those who don’t have easy access to banks — or  want nothing to do with them.

Users also have access to Bitrefill. This gives access to digital goods available for purchase with Dash, including online games, bill payments, phone refills, and even gift cards. Users have access to this out-the-box, even if they’re brand new to the idea of using crypto.

Boosting the Latin American Economy

Access to banks in Latin America can be unreliable, limiting customer access to visiting branches. Dash helps to close that gap by providing a cryptocurrency on-the-go with the KRIP phone. People will be able to avoid both the hassle of in-person banking and walking around with large sums of money.

Merchants also get a lucrative deal from Dash. Using Dash in Point of Sale systems or for online shopping reduces fees associated with credit and debit card transactions for merchants. Many find this convenience a necessity (because of value variations in local currency), as the transaction times are identical to that of a swiped or chipped bank card.

Dash chose its partnership with Kripto mobile based on the quality of service and affordability the company offered. Together, the companies were able to create an inexpensive, high-quality smartphone retailing for under $100.

KRIP and Dash Core Group also announced a new monthly sweepstakes. KRIP smartphone users can enter monthly for a chance to win Dash. They will also be offering limited time 10 percent discounts to all users paying for Bitrefill with the Dash mobile app.

The announcement of the KRIP smartphone adds a layer of security and freedom in an economy known for its tumultuous hyperinflation. Dash gives merchants and customers an easy platform to exchange goods and service for payments. Cryptocurrency may facilitate a new revival in job and economic growth over the next few years.


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