Dapp.com to Acquire Digital Wallet Company for Easy Storage, Use of Decentralized Products Across Blockchains

HONG KONG — (NOVEMBER 28, 2018) — Dapp.com, a blockchain ecosystem that encourages development, awareness and usage of decentralized applications (dapps), has announced the acquisition of Chinese company Dapp Wallet and the impending issue of its own token launch pre-sale in early December.

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The acquisition of Dapp Wallet is a response to increasing market demand for access to decentralized products and services. More information on the tokens can be found here.

The current wallet product for managing ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens will be rebranded as Dapp.com Wallet and turned into a blockchain-agnostic dapp browser with a built-in dapp store. Users will be able to easily access dapps from different blockchains, as well as manage and trade their crypto assets in one place. The Dapp.com team will soon announce a plan to integrate the EOS blockchain in its upcoming version for instant access to EOS dapps.

“The boom in the token economy and adoption of decentralized applications has led to different types of tokens existing on multiple blockchains; a challenge to manage,” said Kyle Lu, Founder and CEO of Dapp.com. “Accessing decentralized applications from different blockchains is also complicated. The Dapp.com Wallet will enable developers and users to do both with ease.”

Dapp.com is already the largest, most active dapp platform in the world, with a curated collection of thousands of dapps from many different blockchain platforms.

The company launched its 2.0 website and a new Dapp.com Ranking index which uses an adaptive learning algorithm so that the dapp community can access in real-time, comprehensive dapp evaluations, including risk assessment and dapp community activities.

Unlike traditional crypto wallets, the new Dapp.com Wallet will offer the following features:

  • Multi-chain asset management. Users can store and manage fungible and non-fungible tokens from different blockchains.
  • Instant token swap. Users can trade tokens easily via smart contracts.
  • Multi-blockchain dapp browser. Communication with different blockchain platforms is enabled, allowing blockchain agnostic access to decentralized applications and services.
  • Third-party API support. Dapp.com Wallet provides software developer kits (SDKs) for payment services with common programming languages for easy integration with dapps on different blockchains.

Ari Meilich, Co-founder of Decentraland and Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-founder of Pundi X, have joined the Dapp.com advisory board. Dapp.com is backed by Asia-based blockchain company Goopal, a fund alliance with IDG Capital, SIG and Gaorong Capital.

About Dapp.com

Dapp.com is the largest dedicated platform for sharing exciting dapps and valuable knowledge about decentralized technology. It is a space where everyone can discover what decentralized technology is and how it can transform the world. Developers can visit the site to gain access to the tools and knowledge they need to bring their innovative decentralized tech ideas to market. Users can discover high quality, reliable dapps which can add value and utility to their lives.


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Andrew Rossow
Andrew Rossow
Andrew is a Managing Editor at BlockTelegraph. He is an Internet Attorney, Writer, and Adjunct Law Professor in Ohio. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Rossow utilizes his millennial background and provides a well-rounded perspective on cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and digital monies.

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