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The long-anticipated arrival of the Crypto Finance Conference to the United States is rapidly approaching. The conference touted as the “world’s leading investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments,” will bring industry experts, savvy investors, and key institutions to discuss the current state and future trends bound to impact the industry. According to Rainer-Marc Frey, Founding Chairman of private investment office Horizon21, ‘‘If you want to get an in-depth view of the cryptocurrency- and blockchain-world as an investor, there is just one place for it: The Crypto Finance Conference.’’

According to the conference’s website, the goals of the conference take four avenues. Firstly, the conference seeks to provide education and insight from experts working from a variety of different backgrounds in the space. Next, by facilitating presentations from hand-picked blockchain projects and startups, they are hoping to bring promising technology and use cases together with investors eager to bring blockchain to the next level. CFC is also is ensuring a high level of exclusivity by carefully selecting all participants. This exclusivity will allow for ideal conditions to optimize the quality of all networking done at the conference.

Heavy Hitters

CFC has added some new names to their roster of speakers for the event. The conference recently announced Chris Larsen, co-founder and executive chairman of Ripple, the company providing the world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments. Larsen is currently known as one of, if not the, richest person in crypto, with a reported net worth of between $7.5 and $8 billion.

In a press release, Andrea-Franco Stöhr, co-founder, and CEO of the Crypto Finance Conference said, “We are extremely excited to bring the Crypto Finance Conference to California. We are the most exclusive investor conference in the world and working with such outstanding speakers is a great honor for us. It contributes to a unique experience for all attendants.”We always aim to focus on quality over quantity—in terms of participants, speakers, knowledge-sharing, and investment opportunities.”

CFC will also welcome venture capitalist Tim Draper, the founder of Draper Associates, DFJ, and Draper University. Draper recently made headlines when he made the rather bullish assertion that bitcoin will hit a $250,000 valuation within the next four years.

Other speakers at the event include Reese Jones, biophysicist and associate founder of Singularity University, Eva Kaili, member of the European Parliament, Wences Casares, founder and CEO of bitcoin custodians Xapo, and many more diverse speakers from across the industry.

CFC will take place September 5-7, 2018 at The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA. Applicants interested in attending can apply here.

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