The Crown League to Kick Off a New Era in Fantasy Football

Fantasty Football
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A New Fantasy League

As the NFL season nears kick off on September 6th the eyes of sports junkies around the world once again turns to the 100-yard game. Just as there will be fans following closely all the action around the pigskin on the field, so too will there be millions more starting off their season in fantasy football.

To the uninitiated — and even casual fans who’ve dabbled in fantasy but not (yet) become devotees — the scale of participation in fantasy football can be immense. In 2017, more than an estimated 59 million people in the USA and Canada alone signed up for a fantasy league.

That’s why news of the Crown League’s launch is so exciting. The league offers a new technological addition to the roster of available choices, and one that seeks to provide something no other fantasy league has before. To understand where Crown League seeks to take us, it’s important to acknowledge where we’ve come from.

The digital world has made following sports far easier. Once upon a time for many sports enthusiasts following a sport outside of the big four of NBA, NHL, MLB, and NHL required watching it late at night on an obscure channel or thumbing through the back pages of a Sunday paper for an obscure report on the scores. Now the online arena offers the chance to engage with any sport you love in any part of the world. Fantasy sports bring a whole new level to this.

The creators of Crown League claim it the first professional fantasy league that is publicly owned. It’s not news many sports fans will find themselves frustrated at times with the turbulence that can come with a sports league’s status as a professional business.

The Playbook

The potential for Crown League to offer a fantasy football option that will provide a more attuned and personalized service is promising in this regard. It’s oversight by administrators, or what the League’s creator’s call “owed by the public, managed by the pros,” also offers a window into what future ownership models could look like as blockchain and fantasy sports see greater convergence.

Dan Nissanoff, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crown League indicated this nexus between ownership and engagement is key to the League’s aim to offer something fresh. “The Crown League will fundamentally change the way fans invest their passion as well as their financial resources as owners of this league or the franchises,” said Nissanoff.

Crown League is set to launch its season in September, having already announced a token offering. In doing so, Crown League seeks to build a feeling of identification not only with the sport football fans love, but the fantasy platform they pursue it on.

The presale of its league security tokens the Crown League token (CRL) was to be put forward to Reg D SAFT accredited investors, and a public offering set to occur at a later date. The presale offering is being led by the FINRA regulated investment bank Americas Executions.

The league itself is planning to launch with twelve inaugural franchises, with each team flying the flag for key geographical markets throughout the United States. Thereafter, specific franchise markets, general manager appointments,  and other details are set for announcement in the Fall.


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