Could Bitcoin Get Wiped Out?


When bitcoin was introduced to the world, it didn’t take much time for it to penetrate the minds of everyone around. Therefore, when bitcoin mining was brought in the episode, many people decided to give it a go and see what the future would unfold for them. According to the recent data, provided by the official website, it is expected that the bitcoin mining difficulty will diminish by a whopping 14.3%. Therefore, it is fair enough to say that after a long time, bitcoin will lose its difficulty, ever since its inception back in 2011. 

What is the Difficulty?

Contrary to popular belief, the difficulty isn’t about how miners are taking part in the blockchain to make the most out of their investments. More scientifically, it is all about how hard it is to find a transaction and decode it. Because bitcoin blockchain and mining pools have a certain set of difficulties, there’s a lot in common and more for people to know. However, as time goes on and more people jump on the bandwagon to earn a lot of money, it is hard to say if bitcoin will get wiped out. In line with the information provided in October, it is expected that the bitcoin mining difficulty will see a major drop for the third adjustment. 

This might compel the miners to go offline but the results will be worth it. But, it is also expected that a major change of a 13% adjustment will be made for the best results. 

Will Bitcoin Become Less Secure with This Major Change?

Well, right now it is too early to make a strong statement in this regard. You can take it in the affirmative as well. As of now, there are over 24 crypto-mining tools that have encapsulated the attention of over 192000 miners. Therefore, it is fair enough to say that fans will continue to go gaga over this amazing process to maximize their net worth in the future. Besides that, bitcoin can be easily converted to dollars using a service such as SafeTradeBinaryOptions.

How Does Blockchain Technology Register a Major Change?

Blockchain technology isn’t changing but only evolving to become a better version of itself. Earlier, it was expected that blockchain technology would become a rage with the change in the bitcoin value. However, it has only progressed with time. Now that the difficulty for miners is falling down as well, blockchain technology will become a part of the popular culture with a lot of people willing to invest in it. So while some people look to convert their money fromto bitcoin,  others will drool over different converter platforms to check, how much they can invest after converting to bitcoin. 

Why Are Miners Shutting Down Their Ops?

You heard that right! Because the bitcoin price has been fluctuating, given the current stats, it is not a good idea for the miners to make the most out of their equipment as of now. This means, if they stop for a while and come back later, they will be met with good news. This is why the miners have decided to hold back their investments for a while and see what the future unfolds. 

Does it Mean That Bitcoin Might Cost Nothing In the Future? 

There’s a negligible probability that bitcoin will ever come down to becoming zero. At least for the next few years, bitcoin is not going to lose its value at all. Although the price might have fallen even lower, it is unlikely that bitcoin will ever cost $0. But why? 

Well, the first reason is the community that it has created. In simple words, a $135 billion cap cannot suddenly disappear from the market in a day or a month or even a year. Now that such larger than life investments are being made, it isn’t fair enough for anyone to say, bitcoin will come down to zero. 

Additionally, the arrival of various institutions will only open up new horizons in history for everyone else. Therefore, now that the difficulty is low, miners have to wait for the right time, so they can take out their earnings from the bank. Now that bitcoin is undergoing major changes, it is fair enough for everyone to stay calm about what they have in their minds. 


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