Cosmoverse 2022 Drew Global Web3 Leaders to Medellin

Cosmoverse 2022

Business developers, software developers, founders, and content producers in the Web3 field from all over the world came together at Cosmoverse 2022 in Medellin, Colombia, from September 26th to 28th.

I was also there to follow the conference and moderate a panel to discuss the Web3 Gaming space.

The cryptocurrency transaction platform and technology company Paribu was one of the most reliable stakeholders and contributors in this field. They did not spare their support in conveying the developments at the conference.

First of all, Cosmoverse is a global conference that brings together business developers and those who want to develop business in the Cosmos network. A very young team that made the first conference in Lisbon, and also this community’s founders are Juri Maibaum, Fabian Klauder, and Basil Naser. In a separate article, I will share my interview with Juri Maibaum, who is only 21 years old and responsible for a brilliant Web3 event with 2,000 people.

YAP Global was the media partner of Cosmoverse. They put a space-level effort into Web3 PR-public relations and showed me a lot about how the conventional PR space is transforming personally. I am sharing these names and companies with you with peace of mind so that you can follow in their footsteps on how to transform your business.

Let’s see, which companies gave what messages in the Cosmoverse, and what was the focus?

Beforehand, I should share some information about the Cosmos network. Cosmos is a cross-chain ecosystem where blockchain can scale and interoperate with each other, unlike the single-chain rule adopted by many protocols.

The Cosmos vision is to make it easy for developers to create blockchains and overcome barriers between blockchains by allowing them to transact with each other. The ultimate goal is to create an Internet of Blockchains, a network of blockchains that can communicate with each other in a decentralized manner. If you want to learn more about this, you can access the documents prepared by the holistic Cosmos team from all media, but of course, the best resources are on their Medium accounts. 

Cosmos also calls its developers who use the tools it offers, Cosmonauts, and I believe the sincerity of owning a language in community management feels very sweet. I can say that they are a very humble, young, and positive community that is very excited for the future.

Ethan Buchman, the Co-Founder of Cosmos, gave the news of Cosmos’ whitepaper describing the new economy model in the first minutes of the opening;

What is the whitepaper of companies producing pure technology

What it contains

Why it is needed,

Why it should be looked at as a lesson.

In addition, ATOM2.0 was launched.

Ethan emphasized that Cosmos is not competing with other blockchains, instead they are competing with old institutions to provide more political and economic expression and to preserve the values ​​of interoperability for states to cooperate with individuals and institutions to cooperate with individuals, and talked about how to move into the enlightenment phase.

One of the developers of the Cosmos ecosystem, Quicksilver’s Co-Founder Joe Bowman’s presentation on DeFi and staking mechanisms was also very interesting. It contains a lot of technical information and enthusiasts can watch all the presentations on the Cosmoverse YouTube page.

Regen Network, one of the developers of the sustainability field, offers web3 regenerative financing infrastructures and co-founder Gregory Landua also talked in detail about their systems that digitize carbon credits.

I guided Kelepar’s Co-Founder Lukas Unterschültz and Luis Londoño Noreña, who is responsible for WEB 3.0 developments at Monastery, and Carlos Guzman, a researcher at The Block, during the session in which we evaluated the Web3 Gaming industry.

Lukas Unterschültz underlined that they must move the Web3 playground from crypto to gaming communities.

The most significant pain point in this area, as noted by Carlos Guzman, an analyst at The Block, was the lack of focus on user experience. All participants emphasized that players do not want to go to an exchange to play a crypto game and have to deal with transactions such as buying a token or downloading a wallet. They added that as long as structures that stipulate blockchain functions continue and remain at the center, I think Web3 games will have a more challenging time getting into the market. I also highly agree with that.

Luis Norena, who created one of the first NFT projects in Colombia called Monastery, started his speech with the idea of ​​building a community around it. I think NFTs is the next step, he added, criticizing the move by game developers to the NFT step without community building.

It was also a pleasure to inform this team about Ginoa, who developed the second-hand forecasting pricing AI tool and barter dApp with the vision of being a data provider in the field of NFT from Turkey, and to chat in Medellin. Building these bridges and the support of people within this ecosystem, which is already based on collaboration and transparency, is tremendous.

The conversations of Dean Tribble, Co-Founder, and CEO of Agoric, which has a large community in Turkey, and Zaki Manian, Co-founder of Sommelier, also contained a lot of information for developers. I recommend those who are interested to follow their Youtube accounts.

The parties at the most beautiful venues of Medellin, organized by the participating companies every evening of the conference, were also very entertaining and colorful. I do not want to finish the article without talking about the natural beauties of Colombia and the energy it offers us. It was a well-chosen spot with the gentle and, at the same time, the entertaining face of the Latin American spirit. Cosmoverse founder Juri told me that they are seriously considering holding the 3rd leg of the conference in Istanbul, it will be a great networking and learning opportunity for everyone.

Even calling the Cosmoverse event a conference seems like an old phrase because I think it was something else. As I thought about the dynamics and collaborations in this event, it was very exciting to watch the transformation of media and communication and the change in conventional business models. Here again, it’s hard to pass without mentioning the names of Lauren, Leila, and Sam from the YAP Global team. I will be a 100% follower of their future events. They have done inspiring work for all of us.

Paribu, who was my supporter in conveying this information to you, recently announced its cooperation with CGV Mars Cinema Group. All the halls of Mars Cinemas will now serve under the name of Paribu Cineverse. Aiming to take the cinema one step further by preserving its values, Paribu plans to work on projects that can include cryptocurrencies, NFT and Metaverse together with CGV. I think the existence of companies like Paribu, which operates in the field of technology and carries out studies in the fields of art, sports, education and the environment, should be exciting for everyone and we should try to be inspired by focusing on the process.

The biggest contribution of Cosmoverse 2022 to me has been a serious inspiration in terms of networking, media and communication transformation and collaborations.


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