Community Owned CryptoOracle Collective Announces the First 24 Members of It’s Decentralized Web3 Consultancy

The mission of community owned CryptoOracle Collective is to provide world class consulting services to leading web3 projects, solving three major problems of the burgeoning web3 industry:

  1. Given the recent emergence of web3, there are a limited number of “experts” to provide the needed insight for projects to be successful.
  2. It’s often difficult even for “experts” to properly gauge a project’s probability of success. Now the Collective members benefit from the insight of a broad range of viewpoints when choosing which projects to work on.
  3. While the potential upside in tokens and/or equity of Collective clients is highly attractive, each Collective member needs to balance the upside with near term cash generation needed to fund their lifestyle. With the issuance of its own token, each Collective member will be able to choose the percentage of their project compensation they take in the projects tokens/equity, and how much they take in liquid Collective tokens.

Founded by crypto veteran Lou Kerner, the Collective’s 25 Charter Members are geographically diverse, and encompass a wide range of web3 skills and expertise:

  1. Abby “Abtraxx” Harris – New York, Web3 Business Development & DAO’s
  2. Andy Kurtz – New York, Fund Raising & Legal
  3. Alex Cahana – New York, Healthcare
  4. Alex Brown – New York, Project Management
  5. Alison McCauley – San Francisco, Strategic Positioning, Comms & Org Design
  6. Andy Singleton – Boston, Growth DeFi
  7. Elvedin Mesic – Zurich, Blockchain Technology
  8. Evin Schwartz – New York, Metaverse
  9. Mike Evron – California, Blockchain Technology
  10. Igor Ilyinsky – Arizona, DAOs & Tokenomics
  11. John Goldschmidt – New York, Enterprise Applications & DAOs
  12. Joshua Hudson, New York, Community Development and DAOs
  13. John Sarson – Indiana , Investment Management
  14. Julian Gilliam (aka LOGIK) – Illinois, NFTs
  15. Lou Kerner – New York, Tokenomics 
  16. Kaitlin Argeaux – London, DevOps 
  17. Kerry Miller – Miami, Organization & Incentive Strategy, Metaverse
  18. Max Smotritskiy – New York, NFTs 
  19. Mihai Crasneanu – London, Web3 Films
  20. Mitch Mechigian – London, Finance
  21. Joshua Lange- Malta, Web3 Education 
  22. Olga Bashkatova – Texas, Accounting 
  23. Sarah Endline – Paris, Consumer Innovation  
  24. Scott Friedman – New York, Fund Raising

Initial Collective clients include:

  1. Beem – web3 video live streaming and distribution. 
  2. CasperLabs – the first blockchain built for enterprise adoption. 
  3. eVerse enabling and building crypto applications through the use of the eVerse blockchain to revolutionize the creator economy for the better.
  4. Game of Silks is the leading Web3 sports gaming project on Open Sea and is building the first derivative play-to-earn metaverse that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horse racing.
  5. Maxos a DeFi protocol that partners with layer one blockchains to deliver stable yields to investors while boosting the price of native token collateral.
  6. Pocketful of Quarters – is an interoperable virtual currency platform for gaming, usable across different games and platforms. 
  7. Sch0lar takes the existing structure of endowments and supercharges their performance using DeFi and blockchain.

We had our first Collective Twitter Spaces featured guest, Michael Weiksner, Founder & CEO of Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) on Thursday 6/30. Check out the replay here.

For inquiries to work with the Collective as a web3 project and inquiries regarding becoming a Collective community member, please email: [email protected]

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