COBINHOOD Extends Platform to Include Margin Trading

Three times the leverage

Cryptocurrency service company COBINHOOD announced that it is launching margin trading on its zero-fee, high-frequency cryptocurrency exchange platform. COBINHOOD users of all experience levels can now tap into unused funds for greater overall value.

COBINHOOD began in 2017 as a project of Popo Chen, the founder of 17 Media, and Wei-Ning Huang, a former senior engineer at Google, to help future economies adapt to the changing times  by creating a financial center suitable for an era that will be defined by blockchain technology. It operates under the belief that the evolution of blockchain technology and the consequent decentralized financial sector has the potential to permanently alter the way businesses operate on an international scale. This latest launch is a further step to support such a development in the global marketplace.

Margin trading allows users to trade more than they could previously, including three times the leverage for BTC/USDT, ETH/BTC, ETH/USDT, and COB/ETH. Short selling will allow users to improve their financing flexibility and give them the opportunity to achieve higher returns on their investments, along with the increased leverage on cryptocurrency trading. Margin funding will provide crypto funds to margin traders in exchange for earned interest from the provisioned funding amounts. For the time being, margin funding will be offered with four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Cobinhood (COB), Ether (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

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The COBINHOOD exchange is working to help investors. Image Credit: COBINHOOD/Twitter

Goals include educating users about blockchain to improve returns

Margin trading functions will give traders of all experience levels the ability to further develop their investing skills on a platform that prioritizes user safety and service reliability. The expert tutorials improve traders’ knowledge of the cryptocurrency marketplace and proficiency in blockchain technology. The offered lessons are both informative and understandable.

“We are excited to officially roll out our Margin Trading feature, as we continue to improve and expand the COBINHOOD platform,” COBINHOOD CTO and co-founder Wei-Ning Huang said in a press release. “Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, at COBINHOOD we are constantly innovating our features and services to support traders. We look forward to improving the COBINHOOD platform and offering innovative features that will keep the industry moving forward as it grows.”

COBINHOOD is also adding a Margin Trading Golden Mission to its new launch as an exclusive benefit for COBINHOOD users. The Golden Mission will be available from October 19 to December 19, 2018. During this time, any users who complete the specified margin trading trades and margin funding bids will receive COB at no charge. Users who engage in the Golden Mission will also receive tickets for COBINHOOD’s lottery program, Candy Machine. Users who complete the entire Golden Mission will be able to receive 150 COB and 25 Candy Machine tickets.

It’s common sense and practical applications like COBINHOOD ‘s tutorials, Margin Trading feature, and Golden Mission that will go a long way towards resuscitating interest in crypto currency as an innovative financial instrument.

Cedric Jackson
Cedric Jackson
Cedric Jackson is a contributing writer at BlockTelegraph. His writing draws on his rich life experiences, time spent traveling, and years working with the written word. He is passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, finance, and markets. When not busy writing, he spends his time traveling, reading and keeping up with world events.

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