CipherBlade and CryptoLock Partner to Collaborate on Crypto Security

CipherBlade and CryptoLock crypto security

CipherBlade, a leading blockchain investigation agency, and CryptoLock, an end-to-end solution for crypto security, fraud prevention and asset recovery services, announced today that they have signed a partnership to collaborate on go-to-market strategies and to combine the strengths of both companies to provide a more comprehensive and secure solution to crypto wallet users for loss prevention, detection and recovery. 

CipherBlade has a strong reputation for its expertise in cryptocurrency investigations, blockchain analytics, and digital forensics. CryptoLock has leveraged core expertise in the insurance market to develop risk monitoring and provide a variety of security features while making post-breach services affordable and available to the average user. 

The partnership between CipherBlade and CryptoLock will allow both companies to share information and resources to better protect crypto businesses and users by providing:

  • Increased security for crypto wallet users: By sharing information and resources, CipherBlade and CryptoLock will be able to better protect crypto wallet users from cyber threats.
  • Improved detection of stolen crypto assets: CipherBlade’s expertise in investigating stolen crypto assets will be combined with CryptoLock’s knowledge of crypto wallets to improve the chances of recovering stolen crypto assets.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation: CipherBlade and CryptoLock can help businesses and individuals assess their crypto security risks and implement mitigation strategies. This includes identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, as well as developing incident response plans.
  • Speedy response time: as soon as crypto is moving to an unintended wallet address, victims of a crypto crime can immediately be rest assured that a response team is available and can begin investigations immediately. 
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to recovering crypto assets with resources across exchanges, legal, law enforcement, latest technology in risk detection and top expertise available strengthened through this partnership.

“We are excited to partner with CryptoLock to collaborate on crypto security, protection, insurance and investigations. Our partnership will strengthen the whole ecosystem and provide more services to the users of different virtual assets” said CipherBlade’s CEO of Asia Pacific, Jussi Aittola. “This partnership will allow us to combine our expertise and resources to provide our clients with the best possible protection.”

“Cryptolock was born out of the insurance technology industry” said CryptoLock’s CEO and Co-Founder, Roger Ying. “Working with such leaders in the space, like Cipherblade, takes us one step closer to developing effective user protection-as-a-service products that will be available to all crypto asset market participants.”

The partnership is a significant step forward for both companies and for the crypto industry. It demonstrates the growing commitment of the industry to providing a more secure environment for crypto assets and will benefit both companies and their customers, thereby lowering the barrier to digital asset adoption.


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