Q&A: Christopher Peacock on Achieving Success Against All Odds

Christopher Peacock on Achieving Success Against All Odds

Scotland native Christopher Peacock has written a book on network marketing. The author of From Zero to Hero: How to Make Money in Your First Year of Network Marketing with a Proven 8-Step System is a financial expert today, but it took him time to find himself and learn his many lessons. He was once a holistic health expert, trying to launch a business providing workshops and retreats in Bali. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Christopher, however.

In this interview, Christopher Peacock opens up about the challenges and setbacks that paved his road to success. From bullying to business failures, discover how resilience and a drive to help others have defined his career and life philosophy.

BlockTelegraph: To begin with, Christopher, can you tell us about your early goals? How did all of this begin?

Christopher Peacock: I have been driven and ambitious most of my life! From High School, I wanted to become a Personal Trainer and then a gym owner.

BlockTelegraph: That’s a lot of ambition for a High Schooler. Where did you get that motivation?

Christopher Peacock: I faced challenges trying to fit in. For some reason, I was the one who was always getting left out. I very quickly outgrew my friends and social circles I was part of. I bought a one-way ticket and left Scotland to live in Bali following my teachers. I’ve always taken risks and went for it, whereas many people I knew would shy away from taking that type of action.

BlockTelegraph: So you wanted to succeed as a way to get away? Did you find the freedom you wanted?

Christopher Peacock: Once I had my first business at 23 as a Personal Trainer, I realized that owning a Gym would not give me the freedom and financial reward I was looking for. So, I deepened and developed my skills and education in Personal Training and Holistic Therapies, evolving my business into a Holistic Practice covering multiple disciplines.

BlockTelegraph: I’ve read that you tried many different health businesses during this time and ran into a lot of trouble. Didn’t you open a dance studio at one point?

Christopher Peacock: I wasn’t aware of how competitive the dance world is! I had marketing materials ripped down from public spaces, and people took advantage of my good nature. It was definitely a tough learning experience! The dance studio closed down after only 18 months. This was not my route, either.

BlockTelegraph: What was the experience that really pushed you more towards financial health?

Christopher Peacock: So, in 2015, I found a company that aligned with my health and holistic teachings and decided to give it the attention a new business requires. I hit ranks in the company and received recognition. At this time, I took on a mentor who introduced me to some other opportunities in the wealth creation sector with physical and digital assets. This is where I started to feel at home!

BlockTelegraph: So even when you got into network marketing, it was from a health angle. You’re very successful now, but why did it take so long to find a way to help people?

Christopher Peacock: Oddly enough, my challenge and struggle are people. I’ve been coaching and mentoring people since the beginning of 2000. I still find it difficult to understand why people act in the ways they do. The biggest challenge I see with people is their inability to dream, to believe they CAN! We are incredible beings of potential if we would simply believe in ourselves!

BlockTelegraph: You’re a respected network marketing expert now, so you’ve clearly found your way forward. What’s today like for you?

Christopher Peacock: Today, I am in a position where I can re-invest portions of my passive income to scale and grow it. I work with a key group of people, coaching and mentoring them to success. I am currently looking at and developing other business strategies to help streamline my students to financial freedom faster, easier, and more efficiently with a system that duplicates and creates multiple income streams.


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