CHIPZ: The Cryptocurrency Platform is going into Beta This Week


Costa Rica, December, 2021 — Blockchain-based platform CHIPZ going Beta, this week. Through the power of blockchain technology, the platform enables users to make any bet possible, literally.

Chipz is an ERC 20 utility token that will be the native token that powers the Chipz network. The cryptocurrency is available to trade on Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) Uniswap, Pancake Swap and (New Defi Exchange launching soon).

The Chipz platform will be going live this month offering users the opportunity to bet on NFL and Soccer, adding more sports to the platform in Q1 of 2022. Plus, will not just be limited to sports. Want to bet on the next presidential election? CHIPZ. Want to bet on a livestream videogame? CHIPZ. Any obscure wager that you can possibly think of, CHIPZ is your best bet! As long as your bet is matched with another user via trust wallet.

One of the great benefits of the CHIPZ token is that you can speculate on the value of the CHIPZ token while you bet on the games. So, while your bet is live, you can also be accruing value through an increase in price of the CHIPZ token. Not only that, the platform also offers currently 15% APY staking rewards while the bet is going on!

Additionally, next year, unlike other sportsbooks that charge you $5/week, at best, to do your own bookmaking. Chipz will act as a hosting platform, offering users deals as low as $60 for the whole year (no limits). 

Chipz is the biggest platform to hit decentralize finance (Defi), plus in Q1 of next year will be launching their NFT video game chipzdrive, Check out ( ). If there was ever a time to stack your chipz now is the time.

Don’t watch from the stands and let this opportunity pass you by! Check out their Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels and join the CHIPZ community, or website


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