ceτi AI Announces Partnership Innovation Fund to Accelerate Innovation in Decentralized AI


Vancouver, Canada, March 27th, 2024, Chainwire

In a significant move to fuel the growth of decentralized artificial intelligence, ceτi AI is proud to announce the establishment of the ceτi AI Partnership Innovation Fund with an initial allocation of $500k USD. This strategic fund is designed to catalyze innovation by forging partnerships with emerging projects at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology.


ceτi AI, a leader in decentralized AI infrastructure, is initiating this fund to support projects that align with its mission of democratizing access to advanced AI technologies. The fund aims to facilitate collaborative efforts that push the boundaries of what’s possible in decentralized AI, enhancing the ecosystem’s diversity and driving technological advancement.

Investment Details

The Partnership Innovation Fund is a pivotal step at the beginning of ceτi AI’s journey, dedicating an initial $500k USD worth of resources to empower innovation through strategic alliances. This initiative underscores ceτi AI’s commitment to not just being a participant but a catalyst in the decentralized AI marketplace.

Use of Proceeds

The allocation of this fund will specifically target:

Strategic Partnerships: Identifying and supporting projects that demonstrate the potential to revolutionize decentralized AI with innovative solutions.

Technology Advancement: Encouraging the development of technologies that can seamlessly integrate with ceτi AI’s infrastructure, contributing to the ecosystem’s growth and scalability.

Community and Ecosystem Development: Strengthening the decentralized AI community by backing projects that bring value, diversity, and innovation to the space.

Why Partner with ceτi AI?

ceτi AI stands at the forefront of the decentralized AI revolution, with a proven track record of innovation and a strong commitment to an open, accessible AI future. By partnering with ceτi AI through the Partnership Innovation Fund, projects can gain access to:

Expertise and Collaboration: Leverage ceτi AI’s deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to accelerate project development.

Network and Visibility: Benefit from ceτi AI’s established network and gain visibility within the broader decentralized AI and blockchain communities.

Shared Vision: Users can join a collective effort to shape the future of AI, promoting a decentralized approach that prioritizes accessibility, diversity, and innovation.

A Vision for Partnership and Innovation

Tony Evans, Chief Strategy Officer at ceτi AI, shared his vision for the fund, “The ceτi AI Partnership Innovation Fund isn’t just about financial investment; it’s a testament to our belief in the transformative power of collaboration at the intersection of AI and blockchain. By supporting projects that share our vision of an open, decentralized AI future, we’re not just fueling innovation; we’re actively building the community and ecosystem that will drive the future of technology. This fund is our invitation to innovators and visionaries who dare to dream big and join us in shaping the next frontier of AI.”

Shaping the Future with ceτi AI

ceτi AI invites crypto AI projects, developers, and innovators looking to make a substantial impact in the decentralized AI space to explore partnership opportunities with ceτi AI. Those interested in the Partnership Innovation Fund or seeking more detailed information can contact ceτi AI at partnership@taoceti.ai.

About ceτi AI

ceτi AI is pioneering the decentralization of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to build a globally distributed, high-performance, scalable AI infrastructure accessible to developers and networks across the globe, thereby accelerating the advancement of decentralized AI and fostering a more diverse and inclusive AI ecosystem.

For a deeper dive into our mission, technology, and the future we’re building, users can refer to ceτi AI litepaper and visit ceτi AI website at http://taoceti.ai. Follow us on X, Telegram, and Discord for the latest updates and community discussions.

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