CARDAX to List Blockademia


Zagreb, Croatia, 16th November, 2021,

Blockademia, the first proof-of-truth document verification system on the Cardano blockchain, will be listed on CARDAX DEX. 

Blockademia is on a mission to address the problem of fake documents. The project creates a reliable decentralized protocol for issuing and falsifying various qualified documents such as certificates, diplomas, agreements, property ownership certificates, insurance policies, source code, video and music files, and other documents on the Cardano blockchain. The system allows Publishers to issue documents in an authentic, fast and easy way, and end-users to check them using the Blockademia web or mobile application.

“Although blockchain technology ensures authenticity, thanks to relentless testing, we will provide a dependable app to future users. I would like to thank Cardax for becoming a partner and technical associate on Blockademia’s journey towards building a new level of authenticity.”

said Goran Težak, president of Blockademia.

Blockademia’s native token ACI plays both utility and governance roles on the network. Token holders use it to pay transaction fees when participating in the Blockademia system and can vote to influence core protocol, product or feature roadmaps, and administrative change decisions. Besides, the token will reward users who make contributions to the project community, such as onboarding new members. 

Cardax will host a trading pair with ACI token on the DEX. Ryan Morrison, Founder & CEO at Cardax said “We are excited for the upcoming listing of Blockademia and being part of the mission for document authentication by leveraging blockchain technology. Cardax’s ecosystem is growing rapidly.”

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Cardax is an exciting DEX emerging on the Cardano ecosystem, which strives to be a Cardano Native Token powerhouse, focusing on deep liquidity and a simple interface. Cardax endeavors to rise to the challenges of illiquid AMMs by employing a first-to-market Extended Automated Market Maker (EAMM). In practice, this means anyone can become a market maker, either by starting a liquidity pool or participating in one already existing. The EAMM is designed to address the barriers of entry that exist in current AMM protocols and ensure a fair and uncomplicated experience for users.


Cardano-based Blockademia is a proof-of-truth project and is leading the blockchain adoption in document verification and authentication. Using blockchain to solve the problem of document fraud. It’s a decentralized information system that aims to bring authenticity to a wide range of documents including diplomas, certificates, insurance policies, title deeds, state documents, source codes, certificates of ownership, music and film rights, and other documents.


Partnerships & Business Development Manager

  • Xian Zhang


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