Calo Metaverse Unveils Burn-to-Earn App Calo Indoor as Its Second Project

Hochiminh, Vietnam, 28th August, 2022, Chainwire

Calo Indoor has been revealed as the second project officially incubated by Calo Metaverse. The web3 application combines AR technology with GameFi and SocialFi elements. The Burn-to-Earn (B2E) app rewards users for staying active.

Calo Indoor follows Calo Run in being released by the CaloVerse ecosystem. It’s focused on building a system of indoor exercise activities that can be enhanced AR technology. The two apps that have been released under the Calo brand to date tap into the growing trend for incentivized fitness apps. The incorporation of AR technology makes for a more immersive and gamified user experience, with rewards mapping closely to the activity performed.

The Calo Indoor app can be installed on smartphone or tablet and no special exercise equipment is required to use it. App users participate in simple yet varied calorie-burning exercises that are cardio-based. The GameFi components of Calo Indoor include the ability to equip an NFT sneaker for activity preferences. Users can also experience fitness activities that harness AR technology and earn rewards in the form of IFIT tokens, Calo Token and other in-game items. 

Calo Indoor will start issuing the first INO (Initial NFT Offering) in September 2022. Previous project Calo Run released its native NFTs under a whitelist on a First Come First Serve basis and sold out within 8 minutes. 

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About Calo Metaverse

Calo Metaverse applies blockchain and metaverse (virtual universe) components into health and entertainment products that support wellbeing. CaloVerse is the ecosystem of the Calo Metaverse and is dedicated to sports and lifestyle. Calo Run and Calo Indoor are two projects within CaloVerse. Calo Indoor encourages users to exercise at home through gameplay that combines GameFi and AR.

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