Build Your Virtual Self in New Metaverse With Avatars LUX Is Dropping Later This Summer


LUX, the new metaverse for just about anything and everyone, is announcing its Sachi avatar launch later this summer, giving users a virtual reality experience unlike anything seen in the Web3 space. Created by a well-known artist responsible for some of the world’s most memorable game characters, these advanced avatars will allow users to be whomever they want to be, become whomever they want to become, and travel anywhere they want to travel within Lux’s metaverse of entertainment, gaming, virtual real estate, e-commerce, and so much more.

This Sachi collection offers advanced avatars with eye movements, hand gestures and customization options. Facial recognition for Zoom and Youtube will be available as will a private club for the Sachi avatar owners. Most importantly, the avatars will be able to be used across all metaverses. And while the previous collections were on SOL, this will be an ETH-based mint as we aim to build bridges between different chains and create a high quality, multi-chain metaverse.

The LUX metaverse looks to promote ‘moments with meaning’ through exciting utility, applications, and so much more. Users can take a break from the real world by building, furnishing, and customizing their own property – from apartments and condos to megamansions. Users can attend concerts,  meet up with old friends and make new ones in the entertainment districts’ bars and clubs. They can exchange goods, buy jewelry and other upgrades for their avatars in shopping districts. However, it must be recognized that these moments could be limited. The entertainment passes, which give users access to the metaverse’s nightlife hot spots, concerts, movie screenings, and games have sold out. Additionally, all of the initial 5,000 real estate NFTs sold out in a matter of minutes, increasing 400% in value over the first four days.

Now LUX will look to build on these earlier successes. Anticipating even greater success and the growth seen by the previous drops, LUX continues to seek out and welcome opportunities to expand its community through AMA collaborations and other types of traditional and social media outreach, often in return for early access benefits and other privileges.

You can learn more about Lux here.


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