Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo 2018

Image credit: AstroHash

BTE’s Core Focus

The Big Apple is set to play host to another blockbuster blockchain event, with the Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo 2018 (BTE) will be hosted across August 30th at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square. With a focus on connecting blockchain entrepreneurs and startups with potential investors, the BTE promises to be an event that’ll find a natural audience among blockchain enthusiasts of all backgrounds and professions.

BTE will have four key themes set to feature throughout the event:

  • Parent Chain: the ultimate battle, looking for the balance of “fairness” and “efficiency”
  • DApp Industry: the best experimental field for blockchain technology
  • Exchange Future: trading is mining or centralized
  • Investment Institutions: the logic behind digital token investment

Over 50 speakers are on the books and set to present throughout the BTE. With a mix of local New Yorkans, Americans, and international speakers set to deliver a fantastic event that is a rich representation of the local and global identity of blockchain.

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Image credit: Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo

A Unique Structure

At the core of this event will be a real emphasis on practical engagement. The traditional panel format seen across many similar conferences will be set to the side as roadshows, fireside chats, and exhibitions encourage dialogue and proactive engagement between presenters and attendees.  

BTE will also play host to the next stage of the 2nd U.S. Blockchain Venture Competition. With registration opened to all digital currency projects around the globe, with project teams who have passed the preliminaries are now set to audition for one of 10 slots on offer, with successful candidates to receive expert guidance and networking opportunities with prospective investors.

The BTE is to be co-hosted by Liaoyuan and Spark Blockchain Incubator. Astrohash will preside over festivities as the organizer, providing for attendees to gain access to 3,000 senior blockchain leaders and pioneers for networking and engagement.

Further information about Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo can be found at the expo’s website.


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