Blockchain Degree Program from NYU to Help in Meeting Blockchain Skill Demand

blockchain degree
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Hottest Skill

New York University (NYU) has launched a blockchain degree program. It’s the first of its kind by an American university, students can now specialize in fintech in this potentially transformative emerging technology.

A Computer World report states that blockchain is now one of the hottest skill in the job market. It indicates that the blockchain skill demand in the freelance market experienced a 6,000% growth in just one year. The high demand isn’t surprising since technology giants are increasing their blockchain focus.

A Study International report cites experts who commented on the high demand. Jerry Cuomo, IBMs’ Vice President blockchain technologies, indicates a skill shortage. Jerry mentions that blockchain engineers and consultants can earn high pay, including in Bitcoins. Campbell Harvey, professor for international business at Duke University has similar insights. He cites the case of law students. They find the current job market tough, however, if they know blockchain then jobs tend to find them. Professor Harvey indicates a similar trend for other areas of study. Students with blockchain skills may be able to find high-paying jobs more easily.

blockchain degree
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The demand is set to increase since blockchain use cases are growing. Mount Sinai plans to transform healthcare with blockchain. UPS will use it to upgrade their logistics. Walmart is using blockchain to track food supply. Companies are also developing blockchain tech for smart home management. The technology can boost identity management. Experts see its role in the advertising industry, while also having the potential for use in the retail industry.

Governments are also exploring the blockchain technology. The US Customs is piloting it to facilitate legitimate trade, besides Japan is building a blockchain-powered trade platform. Japan is also promoting their culture with the help of blockchain. The Australian government expects blockchain-driven savings. The UK government believes the technology can help to secure evidence. The Chinese central bank is even on a blockchain patent spree.

Specialize in Blockchain

The exponentially growing demand for blockchain skills needs a concerted response. The industry can’t rise to its potential without a skilled workforce. There are efforts to meet the skill demand. Digital Degree is a blockchain platform offering training on this technology. Linux Foundation is offering blockchain business courses. These are welcome efforts. However, they can’t substitute the impetus universities can provide.

Universities are stepping up. An Accounting Degree Review report cites several American universities that offer blockchain courses. They report that Cornell University, Duke University, Georgetown University, MIT are offering these courses. It also cites Princeton University, Stanford University, and the University of California at Berkeley as offering such courses. In Australia, the Royal Melbourne University is offering a blockchain course. The Study Internal report states that the National University of Singapore offers blockchain courses.

NYU is offering a blockchain degree. Students can now get specialized instruction in blockchain, making the NYU program different. The NYU Stern School of Business will offer the program. A CoinGeek report quotes professor Andrew Hinks of the NYU Stern Business School about this blockchain degree program. Professor Hinks commented on the comprehensive nature of the program. He says that it will help students develop both legal and business perspectives. He believes that the program will sufficiently prepare students to meet the growing job market demands.

Update: BlockTelegraph received a statement from NYU Stern clarifying that there is not currently a specific blockchain or cryptocurrency major. “NYU Stern was among the first business schools to launch a Fintech specialization for its MBA students in Fall 2016.  While we do also offer courses for undergraduate business students, we do not currently offer a cryptocurrency major.”


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