Bitwage launches $1.5MM funding round with BnkToTheFuture


Bitwage, the leading provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payroll, invoicing, and
benefits – announced this week that they are raising $1.5MM in a public funding round in
partnership with online investment platform, BnkToTheFuture, that will run through October
10th, 2021.

The company was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Chester and John Lindsay when they
foresaw the opportunity to combine payroll services with cryptocurrency and bitcoin.
Since its founding, Bitwage has reached a number of notable milestones:

● $120MM transactions processed
● 50k registered users
● 2k registered companies
● US business doubled in 2021
● Key Latin American market grew 20x since the beginning of Covid

While accomplishing these unique milestones, Bitwage raised over $1MM from
acclaimed investors and blockchain visionaries, including Draper Associates and Max Keiser’s
Bitcoin Capital.

Bitwage experienced exponential growth in the last two years, catalyzed by the
COVID-19 pandemic, the global remote work trend, and the rapid adoption of blockchain based
assets. As a result of these trends, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and stablecoin payroll services are
poised to accelerate in growth for the foreseeable future.

Bitwage is set to be the leader of this new market. Staking an early advantage with their
2014 launch, the company has dedicated much of its existence to perfecting the payroll process
for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Bitwage has outpaced its competitors by maximizing years of
product development, extensive transaction history, and deep relationships within the
cryptocurrency and banking worlds to navigate the emerging blockchain consumer and
regulatory environments.

Bitwage is set to become a large part of the infrastructure that will power domestic and
international deposits into consumers accounts everywhere, whether it be their hardware
wallets, their favorite exchanges, or their bank accounts.

According to Bitwage CEO Jonathan Chester, “When we first started in 2014, Bitcoin
payroll was just a niche for cypherpunks and crypto anarchists. Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst
for both the cryptocurrency and remote work industries. Bitwage, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
payroll sit at the intersection of these two movements. The tailwinds are picking up for Bitcoin
and cryptocurrency payroll to become a massive multi-billion dollar industry and Bitwage is
poised to become the global leader.”


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