Biodegradable NFT Poem from Underground Crypto Blogger Transforms Into a Houseplant

PHILADELPHIA– A biodegradable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) poem is set to be launched by crypto blogger Drew Mailen (mentioned on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Draper Goren Holm) and Planted Poems this Thursday, March 10, 2021 at 10am EST with the auction link available by signing up to the email list on PlantedPoems. 

About the NFT Poem Drop

The first poem drop is of the prototype developed in February 2020 when the token was first listed in Mailen’s gallery on OpenSea in private mode. Now, after developing the poem and NFT for the last year, the prototype is for sale as part of the token’s launch. The bidding starts at 1 ETH and will last one week. Those interested can bid on, and the auction’s winner will receive a physical copy of the poem with a QR code on the back that scans to the poem’s location on the Ethereum blockchain, as illustrated in this video on r/ethereum on Reddit.  

The specific poem featured on the NFT is from a series that Mailen has been writing for almost 5 years since he lived on the Pacific Island of Yap, Micronesia (sometimes called the BTC Motherland or The Island of Stone Money). Yap was where Mailen first learned about Bitcoin from German diving tourists. He lived there as a teacher and played basketball.

Then, years later when it came time to publish this poetry, he wanted to combine his love for writing with his love of art and crypto. Mailen first tested the idea for Planted Poems on r/ethereum and at NFT.NYC last year. Over the past year, he’s received positive feedback. Then, it took over a year of work and testing before he felt like it was the right time to make this first drop. 

Mailen designed the poem with the team at BountyBase to be a platform for artists to create NFT art with a focus on sustainability. 

“The crypto art industry has become so focused on creating art that it lost sight of the planet it was creating the art for. We built Planted Poems to give artists an opportunity to create crypto art with a special focus on sustainability,” Mailen said. 

The poem is partially virtual and partially physical, or VyFy. 

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