Billionaire Zombies Club Continues Taking the Polygon Network by Storm


Reminiscent of the DeFi summer of 2020, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) storm continues to be strong. According to NonFungible, the NFT market has surpassed $10 billion in sales as the demand for new projects continue to rise in what promises to be one of the biggest crazes the crypto space has ever seen. 

Billionaire Zombies Club is a new NFT project looking to build on the success of big names like Crypto Punks while providing a gaming-like experience, decentralized governance, and unique reward models. The project allows users to collect unique zombie-based art procedurally generated from the designs of “Axman J”, a prolific digital artist

With all the NFTs already being minted, the art pieces are now trending on one of the biggest digital marketplaces: OpenSea. Over 10k unique pieces have sold with a trading volume of 154 ETH, the equivalent to over half a million dollars. The most popular zombie sold for roughly $14k (2.5 ETH) very recently.

The project is especially noteworthy due to the artists behind the art: Axman J. A former immigration officer in Singapore, he would draw art in his free time as a hobby. Eventually, his internet fame would transform his passion into an activity with the potential of generating gains while also creating a following.

At this time, the project is still in its early stages after having minted and distributed its tokens. The team led by Axman J, Artist and Founder, is now working on developing the platform’s Battle Royale game and DAO governance model.

These 2 aspects of the project will prove essential to separate it from other NFT projects by getting Billionaire Zombies Club closer to a metaverse-like project than just another simple collectible project.


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