Bemil Gears Up for Launch on GameFi Following Massive Community Growth

Bemil, a popular upcoming play-to-earn game, has announced its upcoming launch on GameFi Aggregator following a successful closing of two IDOs on Dao Maker and FaraStarter. Since closing its first two IDOs, Bemil has seen massive growth in its community with over 200% weekly growth on its fanpage, 34,000 people in Telegram, and 1,700% growth in Twitter impressions.

If there is one signal in cryptocurrency, and in particular gaming, that is relevant, it is community engagement. From a gamer’s perspective, Bemil’s attraction is clear: the game is already live on the App Store and on the Google Play Store and has proven to have a gameplay that is fun and will soon incorporate play-to-earn functionality. In fact, Bemil was developed by Bemil MT International Doo in July 2021, reaching over 15,000 active users by August with an incredible growth rate of 5.7% daily. To date, Bemil has over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

Specifically, Bemil allows players to engage in various battle modes, create parties and clans, and explore mini-games for further earning potential. The core goal of all of these activities is to provide players with a chance to mine Becoins and correlate gaming hours with rewards. Users will then be able to leverage their mining system which includes the damage a system has received, the level of the core, and the number of gears a player has. 

Let’s go a bit deeper into the gameplay. In Bemil, each gear has its own skill. For example, the Fire Gear has the ability to double mining speed, but in order to activate this a user needs 5 gears of different colors. Within Bemil, strategic gameplay is essential and the game’s developers have created various game mechanisms to reward and engage players that think out of the box, as well as win competitions. 

Bemil is backed by reputable VCs, incubators, and launchpads such as Ice Tea Labs, GameFi, DaoMaker, FaraStarter, FomoCraft, Spark Digital, Red Kite, etc. In total, Bemil raised $1.6 million in private funding with a global community of backers. More details about Bemil’s upcoming launch on GameFi will be announced soon.

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