Battle of Guardians: An NFT Fighting Game at the Forefront of the Play-To-Earn Revolution

The GameFi and play-to-earn (P2E) trend is opening up a new type of economy, combining the power of decentralized finance, NFTs, and blockchain-based gaming, particularly in the high growth region of Southeast Asia that is currently growing at a rate of 33% a month.

Spearheaded by the likes of Axie Infinity, with the most traded NFT collection in history and revenue generation greater than entire blockchains, these types of games are democratizing a revenue stream that enables individuals to dedicate time to playing blockchain-based games as a job.

The First Real-Time Multiplayer P2E NFT Fighting Game in the Metaverse

As believers in the future potential of this burgeoning play-to-earn metaverse, Battle of Guardians aims to build a long-term, stable, and constantly evolving game environment and economy.

Available for PC, with iOS and Android cross-platform development planned, Battle of Guardians seeks to create a balance between gameplay and earnings that avoids unfair advantage.

Battle of Guardians was incubated by the Good Games Guild DAO, developed in Unreal Engine by an in-house game studio, and built on the Solana network. Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles throughout an expansive Sci-Fi world across three game modes to earn token rewards.

To enhance the gaming experience for different players, a tiered system of different character skill sets, NFT features, and earnings potential is used to achieve balance while remaining competitive.

Game Features

Battle Modes: In Story mode (PvE), players fight against computers in a series of increasingly difficult stages. Arena mode (PvP) matches players against each other 1v1 according to their game rating. Tournament mode (PvP) places up to 32 players in a 1v1 winner takes all knock-out contest.

Characters and Tiers: Characters are split into Guardians, Humans, and Demons, each differentiated by Health, Damage, and Intelligence attributes over three game tiers.

Elite Fighter is the lowest tier, offering the barebones of characters with low rewards for every win, as a starting point for new players. The Legendary Warrior tier equips characters with special skills and offers more moderate rewards. The top tier, God of War, delivers the full set of character special skills and ultra skills, with high rewards for battle victories.

Players of a tier can only take part in game modes with players of the same tier. For example, a God of War character can only fight against another God of War character.

Battle of Guardians Native Tokens: Battle of Guardians operates a dual token system to maximize value for players: $BGS and $FP.

Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) is the main game currency that can be used for purchasing NFT characters, staking, and governance of the game franchise. Staking $BGS enables players to earn a yield on their tokens and provides eligibility for NFT drops.

Fighting Points ($FP) is a secondary currency used for play-to-earn rewards, in-game asset purchases, synthesizing NFTs, and tournament entrance fees.

NFTs: Players can purchase their own NFT characters in packs of three via the Battle of Guardians initial NFT drop. Packs are divided into Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare. The higher the rarity, the greater the chance they contain characters of higher tiers.

The drop will be made in the Battle of Guardians NFT Marketplace, which then becomes the future hub for exchanging characters and other in-game items. It will also offer an NFT Renting Program, enabling owners to rent rather than sell their NFTs to skillful players with earnings split between the two.

Through NFT Synthesis, players can then use their $BGS and $FP to combine NFT characters in the same tier to generate that character of one tier higher. For example, three Elite Fighters can be combined into one Legendary Warrior.

As gaming guilds are becoming more popular, enabling players to collaborate in teams, Battle of Guardians has also built a Scholarship Program into its smart contract. Guilds and scholars can then make agreements before leasing NFT characters, with game earnings split automatically.

Future Potential

The current global gaming market has an estimated value of around $300 billion, with nearly three billion users.

With the NFT gaming market at an estimated $20 billion and the fighting game market at $14 billion, the potential is there for blockchain-based games like Battle of Guardians to gain existing market share and expand beyond the overall gaming market.

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