BAD BITCH EMPIRE Debuts Podcast on Breaking the Boys Club in Business & Crypto

Bad Bitch Empire, the private women’s crypto investment club, launches a podcast offering an unapologetic view into the world of ambitious women.

New York City How do you define a Bad Bitch? Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder of BAD BITCH EMPIRE claims “A woman who unapologetically takes charge of her body, her boundaries, and her bank account.”

The BAD BITCH EMPIRE podcast debuts to offer candid advice from female entrepreneurs, executives, and investors who have broken free of “Good girl brainwashing,” and are building empires of their own.

In the inaugural episode, Wang vulnerably shares her own experience with Good Girl Brainwashing. She describes her early career “being polite, pleasing, perfect,”  and succumbing to traps like failing to negotiate and tolerating “the condescension, the rudeness, and the disrespect that every woman is so intimately familiar with.”

The road from good girl to Bad Bitch is not easy, especially in male-dominated business environments, but that clearly has not deterred Wang or the women in the BAD BITCH EMPIRE who have stuck their middle fingers up to the status quo and succeeded.

The podcast includes never-before-heard firsthand experiences from Bad Bitches like:

  • Joanne Wilson, Angel Investor, Gotham Gal Ventures
  • Lily Wu, Cofounder WOW Pixies NFT
  • Cindy Gallop, Founder MakeLoveNotPorn
  • Michelle Reeves, Cofounder Mavion NFT
  • Jessica Schaefer, Executive Chair, Bevel
  • Alex Cavoucoulus, Cofounder Meta Angels NFT
  • Amanda Goetz, CEO House of Wise

In addition to interviews, listeners can expect approachable tips on crypto and investing, as well as exclusive content from Wang as she pulls back the curtain on building the BAD BITCH EMPIRE and its mission to onboard one million women to invest in crypto. BAD BITCH EMPIRE provides investor education, media, and investment syndicates for women to Learn, invest, and grow in Web3. Subscribe to the BAD BITCH EMPIRE Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms.

About Lisa Carmen Wang

Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder of BAD BITCH EMPIRE, is a 4X USA National Champion & Hall of Fame gymnast turned serial entrepreneur, angel and crypto investor, crypto branding and marketing advisor, executive coach, podcaster and author. She, previously founded SheWorx (acquired) and was Global Head of Brand at Republic. Named Forbes 30 under 30 Venture Capital, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women, CIO’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch, Red Bull Hero of The Year, Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame. Lisa is a graduate of Yale University who began her career at Balyasny Asset Management, a $100B AUM hedge fund.

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