Zach Hirsch

Zach Hirsch is an entrepreneur, Web3 evangelist, podcast host, analyst, and influencer with a passion for sports, NFTS, and building the future Metaverse. He is recognized as the most accurate sports handicapper in the history of college football. Zach is the Co-Host of the Kiss and The Myst a Worldstar Hip-hop Sports Podcast with his partner, the legendary rapper Jadakiss. Zach Co-Founded Mozverse a Web3 Development Company.

Articles by Zach Hirsch

Real Decentralization Works

With the convergence of AI, AR, VR, and blockchain now making alternative realities possible with web3, it’s a cool time to be an innovator....

To Succeed In Web3, Brands Need to Listen to Gen Z

Web3 is the future of the internet, but Gen Z is the future of the Metaverse. Brands are starting to realize what I’ve been...