Kaustav Das

Kaustav Das is a staff writer for Block Telegraph. He has been a tech journalist since 2016 and covers blockchain and cryptocurrency related topics on a daily basis.

Articles by Kaustav Das

CasperLabs Partners with BitMax.io to Conduct Innovative Exchange Validator Offering (“EVO”)

New York, March 25, 2020 - CasperLabs, a next-generation, secure and scalable Proof-of-Stake blockchain, is collaborating with BitMax.io, a Singapore registered digital asset trading...

Particl Activates RingCT and Bulletproofs to Advance Blockchain Privacy

Zug, Switzerland, July 18, 2019 — Particl, the open-source and decentralized privacy platform, has announced the activation of RingCT and Bulletproofs to its mainnet....

Blockchain Businesses Sign MoU to Accelerate Tax Refunds in South Asian Markets

With a network of tax kiosks around the world, several companies are working together to use blockchain technology to speed up the refund process.

Apple Orders Coinbase to Remove Crypto App

Apple continues to police crypto on its app store, delisting a crypto game app that was available via Coinbase.

DFINITY Raises $102 Million to Build a “World Computer”

Scalability and trust continue to plague blockchain networks. DFINITY thinks it can solve both issues with its Internet Computer.

Payment Club Finances Subscription Based Company

Payment Club, a leader in subscription payment services, has financed an initiative with $7 million in funding

Ernst & Young Acquire Cryptocurrency Investment Software

Blockchain has caught the eye of major accounting firm Ernst & Young. In order to grow their crypto portfolio they've acquired tracking software called CAAT from a Silicon Valley start-up.

Regulations Round-Up: Tokenized Securities in Singapore, China Warns of Illegal Fundraising

Three countries, Hungary, Singapore, and China recently made move to change cryptocurrency regulations.