Ian Haynes

Ian Haynes is a staff writer for Block Telegraph. He is focused on covering the latest news from the cryptocurrency world. With years of experience as a financial analyst, covering major stock markets for renowned publications, Ian brings a fresh perspective with unique insights.

More articles by Ian Haynes

US Customs and Border Protection Launching Blockchain Testing

United States Customs and Border Protection is examining the use of blockchain to facilitate trade. Going paperless will make the agency more efficient.

UPS Looks to Blockchain for Global Logistics Upgrade

UPS is diving headfirst into blockchain to bring the company to the next level. They are teaming with BiTA to bring along sweeping changes to the industry.

Mount Sinai Bets Big On Blockchain To Transform Healthcare Industry

Mount Sinai and the Mayo Clinic have teamed up to create the first academic center for research into biomedical blockchain applications.

Open Garden Seeks to Give You Control of the Internet

Open Garden released the results of a survey dealing with consumer's perception of the internet. The company is seeking to build a sharing economy where people are able to buy and sell internet access on a blockchain based system.

Giants of Finance Teaming Up with IBM on a Blockchain App Store

Nine major financial institutions are teaming with IBM to create a blockchain app store. LedgerConnect will offer applications and services based on the blockchain.

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