Dr. Stefan Beyer

Dr. Stefan Beyer is editor-at-large at BlockTelegraph and a Blockchain consultant and smart contract auditor. He graduated from the University of Manchester in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science and obtained a Ph.D. in 2004 from the same university with the title “Dynamic Configuration of Embedded Operating Systems”. Since then he has worked in computer science research in distributed systems, fault tolerance, ubiquitous computing and cyber security. He is currently working as head of research and development for a medium-sized cyber security company in Spain.

Articles by Dr. Stefan Beyer

Thorchain Seeks to Bring Cross-Chain Communication to Crypto Trading

Thorchain seeks to build a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Designing a Token Economy Model

Platform users want the token price to remain stable; investors want it to skyrocket. Figuring out how to please both groups is one needle that token-based economies must thread.

Let’s Talk More About How Blockchain Tech Predates Bitcoin

Consensus protocols have been around for much longer than what is generally thought of as a blockchain technology.

BitBay Offers up a “Rolling Peg” as a Next Step for Stable Coins

We recently discussed stablecoins as a cryptoeconomic primitive that may prove the key to cryptocurrency adoption. Stablecoins, by definition, are aimed at being as stable as possible. This is usually achieved by pegging the value to a fiat asset, such as the US Dollar.The cryptocurrency exchange BitBay adds to the stablecoin offering by introducing their own pegged coin. In contrast to other attempts at stablecoins, BitBay promises to return power over coin value to the user.

Self-Sovereign Identity: Blockchain’s Real Killer Application?

Identity is one of the most important aspects of our current and evolving digital age.

Bitcoin Core Bug Highlights the Dangers of Vendor Dominance

The recent fix of a critical bug in Bitcoin's core system reminds us how vital it is for cryptocurrency to make use of a variety of implementations. If the same vulnerability exists across the entire ecosystem, it is that much easier for bad faith actors to wreak havoc.

Stablecoins – The Holy Grail of Cryptocurrencies

Can stablecoins help to quell crypto volatility?

The Importance of Random Numbers in Blockchain Technology

Random numbers are the key to blockchain technology. In this Blockchain 101 article, we delve into their importance and the difficulty of producing true randomness.