Arcadia Earth Hosts Summit to Explore the Role of Blockchain in Climate Action

The summit will mark the beginning of NFT.NYC by spotlighting the most innovative initiatives in web3 addressing climate issues.

On Monday, June 20th, Arcadia Earth will mark the start of the fourth annual NFT.NYC conference with an invitation-only Blockchain for Climate Action Summit. From 10am to 4:30pm ET, over 20 speakers will cover the most innovative initiatives that are happening at the intersection of crypto and climate. The summit will explore use cases of blockchain technology with a focus on NFTs in addressing climate issues, laying the foundations for a growing ecosystem of climate solutions.

The event will take place at Arcadia Earth in New York City, with a live steam on their Discord. Through its human scale exhibits layered with augmented and virtual reality, Arcadia Earth reimagines the way we address the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Recognizing that blockchain offers innovations to catalyze climate solutions, Arcadia Earth is hosting the summit to bridge pathways for collaboration between on-chain and off-chain environmental actors – alliances that could define a new era of collective climate action. Arcadia Earth will also announce its mission to further  support climate impact initiatives and educational programs across the globe, starting with the release of their NFT  collection.

Exploring the environmental promise of blockchain

The panels will highlight leading actors at the forefront of the climate movement in web3. In the first session, panelists, such as Bradford van Voorhees, co-founder of Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol, and William Herkelrath of Chainlink Labs,, will consider “The Climate Impact of Blockchains: A Path to Green Crypto.” Both are leading the way to more sustainable blockchain, by, respectively, certifying miners that use clean energy sources and forging a path to carbon neutral, and eventually carbon negative, blockchain.

Following will be a discussion on “The Power of Blockchain Technology to Fund a Regenerative Future.” Among those featured on the panel will be Alexsandra Guerra, co-founder of Nori, which uses blockchain to create a secure and verified carbon removal marketplace. The company has facilitated the removal of over 85,000 tons of carbon dioxide to date.

Following will be a discussion on “The Power of Blockchain Technology to Fund a Regenerative Future.” Among those  featured on the panel will be Alexsandra Guerra, Head of Demand and Co-founder at Nori, which uses blockchain to  create a secure and transparent carbon removal marketplace. The company has facilitated the removal of over 85,000  tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to date, and paid regenerative farmers over $1.3M to sequester carbon in  the soil. The fireside chat will be followed by a panel discussion including Max Song, co-founder of Carbonbase, the first  organization to create ImpactNFTs for the WWF and now building an Asia based DLT-carbon registry.

A final session will open the conversation to the power of artists. “The Role of Visual Artists in Creating NFTs for Environmental Impact” will not only include Arcadia Earth founder Valentino Vettori, but will also engage artists such as Jeremy McKane, who founded, a business that uses buoys to measure data in the oceans and stores that data on publicly accessible blockchain.

The summit will be hosted on June 20th from 10am-4:30pm ET and will be livestreamed on the Arcadia Earth Discord channel.

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