Blockchain Platforms Like Anryton Help Solve Data Storage Issues Across Industries

Anryton Helps Solve Data Storage Issues Across Industries

With the continuous and rapid advancement of technology comes intensifying data storage demands. Aside from the need to store increasingly huge amounts of data, security is becoming more important as losses from data breaches and other forms of cybercrime continue to grow higher.

The introduction of cloud storage was a major convenience to users, having access to their data at almost any time and anywhere. However, cloud storage is also not as secure as many think it is, so the risk of getting hacked is making many users think twice about it.

These concerns are especially important for users and handlers of genomic data, with file sizes reaching up to 40 gigabytes per person. This would mean having to manage an astronomically large amount of data when dealing with population-level data for millions of people. This data is also incredibly sensitive, and it falling into the wrong hands has some huge negative consequences.

According to Dr. Anmol Kapoor, founder of Canada-based genomic technology firm BioAro, his company needed a solution to store data and access it in real time without the security vulnerabilities of cloud storage. He realized that decentralized data storage on the Blockchain is the only solution that provides the appropriate capacity and security that meets BioAro’s needs, which is why he and his team founded Anryton, a Dubai-headquartered technology startup. 

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After around a year and a half of research & development, Anryton is releasing its Blockchain-based data storage, flow, and security platform. The Anryton app, on both iOS and Android, will be going live in November, allowing users to store data securely on the Blockchain directly from their mobile devices.

BioAro will use Anryton as the backbone of its data storage and retrieval needs under its BioChain health data platform. This will provide data compression, integration, security, and privacy, as well as incentivize data sharing. BioChain and Anryton will also increase trust and transparency and streamline the clinical trial process due to easy and quick access to data.

Dr. Kapoor says that the launch of Anryton signals that Blockchain is no longer a dream and is now a reality. It will have a huge impact on the data storage industry, with use cases even beyond the genomics and health data field, such as aviation, supply chain, finance, e-commerce, legal, and many more.

Blockchain’ decentralized cryptographic data storage enhances security and privacy. It also has a virtually 0% downtime rate because there are multiple nodes involved, making the risk of failure lower than the traditional cloud system. It is also cheaper than the traditional cloud system since the way data is stored on the Blockchain is more efficient than the usual cloud platform. Dr. Kapoor likens it to being able to pack more things into a suitcase if they are folded properly rather than just being dumped in.

Anryton is gearing up to launch its digital ecosystem sometime in 2024, allowing users to connect their websites and software to Anryton through various APIs and SDK keys. It is also looking to expand its data storage capabilities through quantum blockchain, which will also further enhance its data protection.

“Anryton is part of a revolution and evolution of digital data storage,” says Dr. Kapoor. “In the past, computers used floppy disks, which later became hard drives and USB drives. Networks then began using local servers, but companies realized that these servers weren’t able to handle the growing amount of data being used and were hindering the capability of companies to scale up at an international level. Cloud systems came into play, enabling rapid deployment of digital technologies globally. However, clouds are now easily getting hacked, necessitating the next step, which is Blockchain. As the world’s demand for data keeps growing, Anryton will provide a high-capacity and secure platform for all users.”


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