Meet Andrew Antar, the Founder Single-Handedly Revolutionizing the Music Industry with Tune.FM

Meet Andrew Antar, the Founder Single-Handedly Revolutionizing the Music Industry with Tune.FM

The current music streaming model makes it difficult for many artists to earn a living wage solely from streams. For countless talented artists, the dream of making a living from their music feels out of reach. Stuck in a system that favors corporations over creators, many see their passion turn into financial frustration. However, a new platform called Tune.FM is poised to rewrite the rules of the music industry, offering a future where artists take center stage and are finally compensated fairly, including through streaming royalty micropayments powered by $JAM.

Antar, a music industry entrepreneur, isn’t just playing around. He is dedicated to creating a future where artists take center stage and get paid what they’re worth — often 100x more than they would through Spotify. A Web3 platform set on democratizing the industry, Tune.FM isn’t just another streaming service. It’s a rebellion, a movement, a battle cry for creatives everywhere who’ve had enough of the status quo.

Raised in a home that valued classical music and as a self-taught tech wizard, Antar knows the score. Antar realized that the discord between creation and compensation wasn’t just frustrating but served the fuel he needed to create a new business. Witnessing the chasm that technology and corporate greed had carved in the music landscape, he refused to simply watch from the sidelines and decided to rewrite the rules.

With an insider’s insight and an innovator’s impulse, Antar set out to change how musicians are compensated through music streaming platforms. He envisioned a platform that could cut through corporate interests, putting artists and their music at the forefront. This vision was not about patching up a flawed system with temporary fixes but creating a new way of doing things in the future where music and its makers could thrive.

Powered by blockchain technology, Tune.FM is poised to become the backbone of a new musical ecosystem. With Tune.FM, artists earn directly from their streams, pocketing up to 90% of their streaming revenue. This is not just a step up but a giant leap for artist-kind, who typically get the short end of the stick on traditional streaming platforms. Tune.FM envisions a world where every track played translates into tangible, fair compensation — where the fine print of a contract you never got to negotiate doesn’t diminish your music’s value, including through streaming royalty micropayments powered by $JAM.

Tune.FM’s innovation goes beyond streaming. The platform also includes a music NFT marketplace, turning digital collectibles into a new artist revenue stream. From backstage passes to exclusive releases, these NFTs aren’t just collectibles but keys to a more intimate connection between artists and fans. With every transaction secured by the Hedera Hashgraph, an open-source publicly distributed ledger, Tune.FM is creating a future where trust, transparency, and talent are prized above all else.

Tune.FM isn’t just about disrupting an industry. It’s about dismantling barriers. Antar’s vision extends beyond the blockchain, offering a platform where emerging artists and established names alike can thrive. With heavyweight collaborations and a growing community, Tune.FM is changing what it means to be part of the music industry.

A movement for a more just and sustainable music industry, Tune.FM is backed by the power of blockchain technology to empower artists to take control of their careers and forge a deeper connection with their fans. Are you ready to be a part of the future of music? Sign up to Tune.FM today and experience the power of a fair and thriving music ecosystem.


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