Altura Proves Dominant in the Web3 Gaming and NFT Collectible Industry

Altura Proves Dominant in the Web3 Gaming and NFT Collectible Industry

Web3 gaming is an interesting collision between NFTs and the metaverse, which involves online games and communities built atop a blockchain. In these games, digital assets are tokens with value, and even spaces inside the virtual environment can be owned. These games operate well with the backing of an NFT marketplace, and while multiple marketplaces are looking to partner with Web3 games, there are a few standout options to consider. Altura believes that it’s the best out there, and it boasts a powerful set of solutions to back its claim.

How the Partnership Works

Take the case of Neo Tokyo, which, until recently, was hosted on the Opensea marketplace. Inspired by Ready Player One, the players of Neo Tokyo (who call themselves citizens) are hard at work building a virtual space they believe will be a commonplace fixture of future tech culture. Their work was disrupted when Opensea delisted them from their marketplace, and suddenly, the royalties attached to the value of their NFTs were in question.

Altura took that personally. With a strong passion for the possibilities of Web3 gaming and the integrity of blockchain assets, Altura took on Neo Tokyo’s hosting. Within days, Neo Tokyo’s citizens had their assets up on Altura’s marketplace. The speed was thanks to its unique, custom white label solution, which lets it quickly scale and customize NFTs in a way that other marketplaces would struggle to.

What Makes the Difference

This is possible because Altura is built with gaming in mind and understands the rapid exchange of in-game assets that blockchain gaming requires. Altura’s custom white-label NFT marketplace solution is a unique feature that facilitates the creation of personalized branded platforms for trading digital assets. This means that games can quickly create a host of highly unique assets to populate virtual worlds. The citizens of these virtual environments can create objects that have immediate, actual value in the worldwide digital collectibles economy via Altura’s NFT marketplace for game assets.

With the Neo Tokyo incident, Altura proved they were prepared not only to host the transfer of an entire community of users and their digital assets but also to rapidly create the custom platform required to give those assets life in both the virtual environment and as active NFTs in a functioning marketplace.

Scaling to the Needs of Virtual Worlds

Of course, not every Web3 game requires such extreme measures. Altura understands that Web3 gaming is as diverse as any other digital medium of gaming, construction, or community interaction. While Altura offers a full suite of Web3 solutions to get a game or virtual community live on the blockchain, Altura is an open platform that is fully compatible with other technologies. Companies and communities can engage with Altura in the way that suits them best, whether this means hoisting an entire world onto Altura’s shoulders or just picking out one of its host of products.

A Next-Generation Web3 Solution

The NFTs themselves also scale as needed with remarkable responsiveness, and it happens in real-time. They’re smart NFTs, customizable and changeable in a next-gen process well-characterized by being gas-free and almost instantaneous. This is future-focused tech in every way, primed for the next generation of gaming and blockchain innovation and already inventing a new generation of NFTs.With all of this on offer, it’s no wonder Altura considers itself to be the ultimate platform for building and scaling Web3 games. They’re working hard to raise the bar, constantly challenging their competitors to match their pace. Altura is looking for game developers or community leaders who want to enter NFT gaming or the Web3 space or who want to help them lead the charge into a Web3 future.


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