Alien Worlds announces In-Game DAO’s with access to Huge Treasuries


Blockchain gaming giant, Alien Worlds, has launched a first-of-its-kind in-game DAO that allows users to create their own game experience, and compete with each other as teams while managing some of the largest treasuries in crypto. 

With almost 8 million all-time players and more than 700,000 Monthly Active Users, Alien Worlds is the number one play-and-earn game on DappRadar and is handing the gaming reigns over to the communities with six planetary DAOs.

What can players do with the In-Game DAOs?

The Planetary DAO’s within Alien Worlds gives players the opportunity to govern their own communities, manage and allocate digital assets within their treasuries, and collaborate and compete against one another for Trilium (TLM), Alien Worlds’ token. 

It essentially allows players to become owners of their planet alongside other players.

Players can strategize, collaborate, and compete with one another with the goal of earning Trilium. They can pledge their support to a planet by staking Trilium within a planet, giving them voting power in planetary elections and the ability to submit proposals on how to distribute the millions of assets within the treasury.

Furthermore, elected custodians can vote on proposals and make decisions regarding the planet’s treasury. 

“Our main goal of building this DAO system is to empower users to have security and autonomy by placing as much of the crucial logic within the smart contracts without off-chain single points of failure, ” said Global Head of Engineering Dallas Johnson.

“Our DAO technical architecture is purpose-built to allow us to enhance the system with new optional features for the foreseeable future. With the launch of the Syndicates, users have significant influence in the DAO decision-making process, democratizing DAOs to allow everyone to participate, not just large token holders. 

The six Planetary Syndicates combine entertainment and loyalty to each planet, as gamers play, compete, and strategize for their planet to reign supreme. The six Planetary Syndicates are self-governing communities, allowing for a weighted voting system where the more Trilium a player stakes to the planet, the more voting power they receive. 

Alien Worlds is one of the only blockchain games in the metaverse to be built on three blockchains, which include Ethereum and BNB Chain in addition to WAX.


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