Akt.io Drops Financial Mobility Application for Crypto Trading, Financial Services


New tool from Akt.io helps users manage their personal finances

Dublin-based Automata launched akt.io, the application that aims to revolutionize the way people manage their personal finances. The application akt.io is now available on iOS and Android stores, providing a first-of-its-kind, easy-to-use multi-node exchange for 90 cryptocurrencies, a dedicated IBAN and free SEPA transfers to and from 36 countries throughout the EEA region.

The world’s first financial mobility application for users to regain control over their money

In the current financial world, where most banking apps focus on facilitating payments, akt.io focuses on boosting savings. As a “financial mobility” app, akt.io gives users a springboard to improve their financial status through new means of investment, including cryptocurrency, overcoming the barriers associated with investment banking. Leveraging crypto-investment education as a means of increased financial autonomy, akt.io gives users the information and insight they need to make educated decisions on how to invest, democratising access, simplifying the process and providing advice and guidance on how to make the most of their money.

Gael Itier, CEO and founder of Automata  akt.io  commented on the launch of its new application:

With akt.io we want to open up investment to all, to give everybody the tools they need to make the most of their money. The traditional world of finance is often intimidating and many feel shut out, instead, as a result, money sits stagnant in a bank account with little or no returns. Akt.io empowers the user to gain from their money with an easy-to-use interface offering beginners video tutorials on how to get the best out of their money and increase their financial autonomy.”

akt.io: the main features 

With the call to action, “Make your money work for you!”, akt.io offers users a new way of gaining control over their money and savings. The app includes a unique combination of offerings all in one place, where users can generate their wealth effortlessly detailed roadmap of app roll-out available here.

Key features available at launch date

  • Investing and earning features
    • Access to WealthHub a first of its kind multi-node exchange where users can seamlessly change one type of cryptocurrency for another, covering 90+ cryptocurrencies, a process that previously took several steps 
    • Four levels of insight to help users get the best from their investments; latest crypto asset news, community insight, algorithmic analysis and akt.io’s expert technical analysis 
    • Fast and encrypted registration to ensure the security of the user’s account and assets
    • Educational add-ons with information on investing and cryptocurrency
    • The referral program rewards users and their successful invitees up to €200 of AKTIO coins.
  • Payment features
    • IBAN account 
    • SEPA transfers to and from 36 countries

Features to become available later in 2022

  • Investing and earning features
  • Spring 2022
  • Aktive Income: the first crypto savings  account on the market. Aktio’s “Euro blockchain vault” will remunerate the world’s first Euro stablecoin with interest rate of up to 10% APY, with daily payouts and the possibility to withdraw anytime and can be shared with family and friends
  • Users will be able to trade / exchange crypto with US and European shares 
  • BOOST vault: users’ daily interest can be traded automatically by akt.io’s intelligent algorithms into crypto assets.
  • The WealthBot: is  intelligent algorithm-powered robo-advisor that automatically invests and manages investments on behalf user’s capital on the crypto market optimum timing 
  • Payment  features
  • From Summer 2022
  • Physical and virtual VISA card payments linked to any of the users assets



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