A Blockchain Education Platform Can Make Blockchain Learning Easier

blockchain education platform
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Decentralizing Education

Blockchain education platform Digital Degree is planning to make learning blockchain technology easier for you. This blockchain start-up will use their platform and ‘DD Coin’ to give that much-needed push by offering a comprehensive framework.

The promising blockchain technology can help start-ups create new business models with its’ decentralization, immutable record, and smart contracts. At the time same time, larger enterprises can benefit from the efficiency it offers.

Businesses clearly understand this, hence blockchain is now one of the hottest skills in the job market. A Computerworld report shows that the demand for blockchain skill has seen a staggering 6,000% increase!

But then, it may not be surprising, after all! You don’t need to confine yourself to the crypto market alone, instead see how large enterprises are also embracing it. For e.g., see how technology giants are supporting it, and how financial services companies are joining hands with IBM for a blockchain app store.

You can see why both blockchain-crypto start-ups and large enterprises are scouting for blockchain talent in the marketplace, but what challenges do they face? The blockchain technology is still relatively new, however, developers must learn it fast enough to respond to job-market demands.

That could be hard even for skills that are established in the job market, and certainly harder for a new skill with many flavors and complexities. To be sure, there are learning mediums, but what learners need is a comprehensive framework. Enter “Digital Degree”.

Digital Degree is the first blockchain education platform to provide a comprehensive online learning curriculum for the blockchain technology. Students can take free courses, buy the more advanced ones, pass online exams, and get certificates, all within one platform.

blockchain education platform
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Image credit: kreatikar / Pixabay

What it Takes

If you are learning blockchain to tap into the huge demand for this skill in the job market, you need the following:

  1. An ability to take fundamental courses at low-cost;
  2. A comprehensive catalog of certified courses mirroring the job-market demands;
  3. Ability to buy advanced courses, and take training easily;
  4. Proof that you have the skill.

Prospective employers need to know how many blockchain-skilled developers are around, by technology-flavor, location, and skill level. Employers also need assurance that developers indeed learned what they claim.

Digital Degeer ticks all the checkboxes! They offer the following with their Ethereum-based platform:

  • Free courses for introductory blockchain topics.
  • Certified courses that developers can take without any age limit.
  • Developers can use ERC20 ‘DD Coins’ to buy advanced courses, start training immediately, and pass online exams.
  • The blockchain education platform will have tamper-proof records of training completion, while developers get certificates.
  • The transparency of blockchain will allow employers to search for skilled developer and assurance that they indeed completed their training.

Digital Degree will cover important topics that developers typically want to learn, for e.g. Solidity, Ethereum DApp development, and more. Their token pre-sale has already started, while they plan to launch their ICO in September with a plan to conclude it in October.

A platform like Digital Degree can also potentially deliver greater value. By 2020, 35% of the skills currently in demand for jobs will change, as this report states, hence industries and governments increasingly need advanced capabilities to gauge skill gap. Platforms like Digital Degree could provide tamper-proof data to them for assessing jobs vs skills demand-and-supply.


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