$1.2M secured by Metropolis ahead of anticipated public CLAY offering

Metropolis secures $1.2M ahead of anticipated public CLAY offering
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Metropolis has successfully closed a $1.2 million investment round. The funding round saw participation from notable investors, including Cointelegraph Accelerator, Lamina1 Ecosystem Fund, ACS, Outlier Ventures, Protocol Labs, Primal Capital, Zephyrus Capital, Cluster Capital, EthLizards, Acacia Digital, Block Consult, IBC, and multiple strategic angel investors, highlighting the strong market confidence in Metropolis’s vision for the future of commerce in the metaverse and beyond.

Founded two years ago by international siblings Rania and Rashid Ajami, Metropolis is a 360 curated ecosystem that blends unique properties, e-commerce, avatars, gaming, art & experiences that span both the digital & physical world.

MetropolisX, their most recent platform, connects users’ digital identities with tangible, exclusive products, content, and experiences from over 300 notable partners (and growing), including Steve Aoki, Elise Swopes, Bryan Brinkman, Mad Global, and Unstoppable Domains. The platform champions the “build with us and take anywhere” philosophy, transforming simple PFPs into fully interoperable avatars for use across games, virtual worlds, AR/VR, social media, and more, bridging the gap between digital identities and expansive virtual experiences. “We are delighted to achieve this significant initial pre-seed raise for our token,” says Rashid Ajami. “With a roadmap that includes over two years of weekly exclusive drops on Metropolis X, featuring collaborations with leading brands and creators, we’re prepared for significant growth. This partnership roster positions us uniquely in both the Web3 space and the expansive Web2 market, reaching an audience of over 300 million.”

At the heart of MetropolisX is a collaboration marketplace where creators can monetize and launch personalized products and where their fans can have a more immersive connection and access exclusive products, content & experiences. This unique approach combines digital and physical identity, gaming, and immersive experiences. “We are entering a new wave where digital identity is as important as your physical one. This has led us to build a groundbreaking avatar marketplace that easily onboards Web2 audiences while using blockchain technology,” says Rania Ajami.

The platform allows users to craft their identity using diverse brand and creator IPs, combining elements like a Slime Sunday hoodie, a Sneakerheads background, and a Pet Liger accessory in a single avatar,” says Rania Ajami. “This more truly reflects the real world and the aspirations of our user base.”

Details of Metropolis’s upcoming public token sale will be announced soon, including a community gamified airdrop, retail-focused pre-sale, and launchpad round. Further info will be released via an interactive white paper, which will include tokenomics, ecosystem partners, and a product development roadmap.


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